Pak terrorists are trying to attack the sea! We too are fully aware of the intrusion: the Indian Navy.

After failing to defeat India at every level, Pakistan is now planning a terrorist attack on the waterways. Jaish-e-Mohammed, a Pakistani terrorist organization, has an ‘underwater wing’ that trains terrorists to attack the waterways. However, the Indian Navy has made it clear that they are capable of stopping any such attack. The Chief Admiral of the Navy, Corombir Singh, made it clear that all those responsible for the protection of the territories were ready to stop any such intrusion.

Admiral Singh has said intelligence reports have been reported about planning a terrorist attack on the seafront. Be aware that terrorists used the sea route to enter India during the Mumbai attacks of 26/11. After that, special plans have been formulated to protect the Indian seaside and coastal areas.

Admiral Singh has said that the coastal police and navy together makes sure that every attempt by Pakistan to cross the border by sea will fail. Few days ago ISI-backed militants were reported in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, and since then the police in this state have been on high alert. Many suspects have also been arrested in Tamil Nadu.
The Defense Spokesperson in Kochi, Kerala, has said that the Indian Navy, based on intelligence data, is keeping a keen eye on the maritime and coastal areas.

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