130-year-old Hindu festival burns Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan to death

The whole of India has come out in opposition to Prime Minister Imran Khan, who repeatedly threatened war on the Jammu and Kashmir issue. And in that order, Imran Kahn’s cusp was burnt at the 135-year-old Marbat festival in Nagpur. In this ancient Hindu ceremony, thousands of people gathered in the streets of Nagpur. Relatively, on the second day of the Pola festival in Nagpur district, Marbat took to the streets. The social problems, political upheaval of anger are expressed through the festival. The dolls that are in this procession are made with each problem in mind. And this time Imran Khan’s puppet was made in the form of ‘Badgna’.

Thousands of people gathered on the streets of Nagpur to watch the procession. Ink and yellow colored dolls were the main attraction in this procession. The dolls are burned to keep the evil spirit out. Those who take part in the festival believe that when these puppets pass the road, all the social evil aspects end.

Apart from the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, the puppet was created on financial meltdown and unemployment. The dolls were also taken out with the procession. All the dolls were 10 to 15 feet tall. Let me tell you, the festival has been around since the time of the English. At that time the festival was celebrated to show anger against the British. A woman from the royal family joined hands with the British in rebellion in Bhosle in Nagpur in the late 19th century And in opposition to that, a doll named Kali Marbat was dropped in a procession.

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