Ganesh festival will be celebrated with a blast in India-Pak border! The idol is set to depart from Mumbai.

Ganesh fans are eagerly waiting for Ganesh Chaturthi. This year Ganesh chaturthi festival will be celebrated with great fanfare from September 2 to September 12. Preparations for Ganeshotsav are in full swing across the country. People in Jammu and Kashmir are gathering to remember Bappa amid ongoing tension after removing article 370.

Every year this time, Ganapati Bappa will be cheering at the Indo-Pak border. It is reported that a Ganesh idol has been made in Mumbai for deployment on the Indo-Pak border and soon it will depart for Jammu and Kashmir. The statue is said to be placed on the border of Poonch. Where the soldiers of the army will worship Ganesh.

The woman who established the statue on the Indo-Pak border is a woman scholar. Kiran Ishar, a Kashmiri scholar lives in Poonch is going to perform the puja. Kiran said that he has been celebrating the festival for many years, he goes to Mumbai every year and brings the idol of Ganesh to Poonch, then places it on the border. He took the statue of Ganapati to Jammu and Kashmir by train.

Kiran said that Ganesh Ji, established on the border, was named ‘King of the border’. The king of the border will be worshiped by the army soldiers. Kiran says that when we celebrate the Ganapati festival, the morale of our soldiers increases and the cordial thoughts among the citizens increase.

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