Twitter Vs LinkedIn: Which is Right for You?

Of all the social media platforms that are available, Twitter and LinkedIn are two which can be of more professional use than just networking with your friends and family. If you have a business or are looking for jobs, you would prefer to use either of the two over other social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

But which one should you choose? We are here to guide you through certain aspects of both platforms to help you make an informed choice between the two.

In this article, we will be comparing the features of the two platforms and discussing which does better in what feature. So read on to make a better decision based on your needs.

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Now, let’s dive into comparing Twitter and LinkedIn based on the following aspects.

1. Networking

The primary reason why anyone uses social media is to network. The type of network you require depends on your purpose. For example, if you are looking for a job opportunity, you would want to network with prospective employers.

On the other hand, if you are looking to promote your brand, you would want to network with clients, possible partners, and perhaps even future employees. Both Twitter and LinkedIn can help you out in the latter case. 

The more platforms you use to boost your brand, the better it is in terms of audience engagement and attracting more followers.

However, if you are looking for a job, using LinkedIn is more likely to be helpful as it is a more formal setting and provides you with various features to help you connect with employers. One such feature is the LinkedIn Job Search portal. This helps you to look at a whole list of employers who are looking for someone with your skillset. 

2. Professionalism

LinkedIn leads the race in professionalism. On this platform, one needs to be professional and formal with the people that they are connecting with. This is because the main purpose of LinkedIn is to connect people from professional backgrounds who have similar interests.

It is a site that makes it easier for people to enhance their professional network, as opposed to other networking sites that are more about forming personal connections. LinkedIn helps you in creating a network for business.

On the other hand, Twitter comes in handy for those who are looking to promote their business and brand. It is a less formal platform and can be used extensively for advertising and marketing purposes.

3. Continuing Conversations

Say you tweet about a recent innovation in your field. People who find it interesting will retweet it and add in their comments about it. This can get hard to track and will be lost with time.

However, if you post about the same innovation on LinkedIn, all the conversations following it will be visible to you as comments below your post. This is extremely useful and allows you to revisit the conversation whenever you want. You can also continue the conversation later on and none of it will be lost or hard to trace back.

4. Brevity 

On Twitter, you can only type up to 140 characters per tweet. Depending on how you want to use a social networking space, this is either very helpful or extremely hard to follow. 

For example, if you are using Twitter to promote your brand, catchy one-liners can engage more users as it does not require one to read a long text.

On the other hand, if you want to post something more informative or educational, you will find it hard to condense it all into 140 characters. To elaborate on topics, LinkedIn is a better option. You are allowed to explain yourself in a long post here, and it may not hamper engagement with the post as much as you would think.

This is because a lot of like-minded people would be reading your post and would be genuinely interested in what you have to share.

5. Using the Platforms

Both the platforms are quite easy to navigate around and use. You do not require any prior knowledge or experience in using a social networking platform. You can even use both platforms, depending on your needs at a given time.

A good suggestion is that having a presence across different social media sites can help you grow an even wider audience than with just one platform. While you can use LinkedIn for more professional, Linkedin business-oriented network leads, Twitter comes into use when you want to grow your clientele.

You can use innovative ways to engage your followers on both platforms and can make the most of the network you form on every social media site.

Twitter and LinkedIn have their own specialities and it is important to know which situations either can be used. Posting something in an informal manner can lead you to lose connections on LinkedIn, whereas trying to convey something that is nuanced using a tweet will confuse your followers.

So, whichever platform you choose to use, make sure you use it in the right way.

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