There are so many opportunities to earn extra income online and getting into the CBD industry can be
an appealing one. Read more about this industry on this site here. After all, many people are now
catching up to the trend and buying cannabidiol-infused products to reduce stress and pain.
As the market for cannabidiol continues to rise, there are also a lot of sellers who want to have the
opportunity to sell hemp-derived products at wholesale prices. Here are some reasons why.

Why Get into CBD Wholesale?

If you are wondering why you should be part of the CBD wholesale business, the answer is that many
companies specialize in bulk orders, and this is typical with physical stores. Distributors can get lower
prices if they buy a lot, and they act as a middleman to sell a specific form of CBD to the customer who is
looking for it.
Many suppliers and growers may be focused on growing the hemp plants, extraction, packaging, and
getting the oil and pre-rolls ready for the customers. However, it’s the primary job of the outlets and
retailers to get the sale. The wholesaler can avoid the costs associated with the preparation of goods
that need to be sold for customers. Their job is to simply sell cannabidiol for a lower price to the
customers that need it the most.

Checklist to Know

1. Quality Suppliers
It would be best if you got a supplier that you can trust. You can go to sites
like and see the other options that you have available for
wholesale programs. The suppliers should give you clean and pure cannabidiol extracts per the
standards set by many third-party laboratories.
What you need are products that are free from toxins, chemicals, pesticides, and other contaminants so
that your customers will love the product overall. You are also assured that the buyers will be safe
because they are consuming an oil or a cream that is free from unwanted chemicals. It would be best if
you also had a higher CBD ratio than THC, and this can be obtained with the right breeder who has a
solid reputation in the cannabis industry.

2. Licenses and Legalities

Before rushing to get the bottles of oil, you need a licensed supplier to operate in the state. They should
be connected to farmers who declared that they are growing hemp on their farms.
Anyone who wants to do business with cannabidiol should ensure that they have the proper licenses,
and the whole operation is legal. A lawfully sourced CBD is safe, and you can distribute it at wholesale
prices to your customers. Your employees, customers, investors, and your overall business are in the
line, so you need to ensure that you comply with the law to avoid sanctions.

3. Use of Third-Party Testing Laboratories

You need to hunt for distribution companies that provide their distributors with a certificate of analysis.
These kinds of certificates prove that the CBD products were tested and proven to be safe for
Request for laboratory results for any batch that you get and take note of the included terpenes. These
terpenes are contained in various CBD buds’ strains, and they will tell you which ones you are getting.
If you fail to check for the certificate of analysis, you may not know what exactly you’re selling. This
creates unnecessary risk for the business, and you may have something that has too much THC and too
little CBD. If this happens, the product will be considered illegal under the Farm Bill of 2018, especially if
the THC content exceeds the 0.03% limit.
The labels from companies can be misleading, so you can only know the actual ingredients through the
lab test results. The products should be free from pesticides, metals, solvents, and more that are
considered health risks. Sophisticated distributors always ensure that their goods have undergone batch
testing, and they are assuring their customers that they are safe and legitimate.

4. How Long has the Supplier been in the CBD industry?

Well-established suppliers will show you proven track records for their successful transactions. You may
not necessarily avoid the new ones, but it’s best to start with the established ones because you’ll know a lot when it comes to the buying and selling processes. Consider their number of sales per month, their
target customers, and their sales agents feedback about them. This will give you a good idea of how
they are doing their business.