Solar energy is an excellent option for renewable, green electricity. It does not only help to reduce power bills but is also beneficial for the environment. That is why more people are switching to this form of energy to cut their energy costs.

You can also save thousands of bucks per year and become less dependent on supplied power by installing a solar panel on your roof. Durable, budget solar panels can be bought from trusted brands such as Luminous India. They sell a wide range of solar panels — both polycrystalline and monocrystalline, which can be chosen as per your energy needs.

Here we have stated the pros and cons of installing a budget solar panel at home:

Pros of Buying Solar Panels:

  1. Money Savings

You become less dependent on power from the local grid when you install a budget solar panel on your rooftop, which helps in lowering your energy bills. Also, any excess energy generated by a budget solar panel can be fed back into the plant to set your power bill off.

According to the current tariffs, the electricity distribution company pays for the net electricity generated or credits the unit for a huge period. Also, you can save money by using the generated power to run appliances like a thermostat in winters or ACs in summer with the help of budget solar panels.

  1. Lower Impact on Environment

When poisonous gasses such as carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide are released into the environment, it not only leads to air pollution but also increases the concentration of greenhouse gases.

On the other hand, generating energy from solar panels produces no greenhouse gasses whatsoever. Therefore, if widely used, they can help to reduce the impact of climate change on the planet. To leverage solar energy for your power needs, you need not burn any fuel and create harmful emissions.

  1. Helps You be Energy Independent

Solar panels help you produce electricity yourself and make you energy independent. It means that you do not have to think twice about running your electrical appliances during the day, particularly during sweltering summers. It is an effective option for remote areas where electricity supply through grid is limited.

Also, there are budget solar panels like off-grid systems, that have a battery backup to store the power generated. In this way, you can also have a power supply during power outages and failures.

 Cons of Buying Solar Panels:

  1. Dependency on Sunlight

Since solar panels generate electricity by absorbing rays from the sun and converting it into direct current, you are dependent on sunlight. Hence, for areas that receive comparatively less sunlight, the solar panels might not be able to work well to produce electricity.

  1. Initial Investment

There is an initial investment amount that you have to pay for the installation of solar panels. However, with savings on the energy bill, you will be able to reap the benefits in a short duration.

Switch to a Clean Alternative—Solar Panels

No drawbacks of switching to solar panels will outweigh the benefits you reap. With a host of solar panels available, it is a tough decision to define the parameters for choosing the right one. While the price seems to be the most lucrative parameter, experts in the industry do not say the same.

You can select a budget solar panel for your home from reliable brands like Luminous India. They offer a range of polycrystalline and monocrystalline solar panels. The required capacity of the solar panels can be calculated based on the area available for solar installation. Call Luminous solar experts to know the solar potential of your home and go green.