Assam is the state in the Northeastern part of India. It is mainly famous for its natural beauty. The people living here are called as Assamese. The state welcomes many tourists every year. The tourists not only enjoy the natural beauty of the Assam but also like to enjoy the tasty Assamese food. Assam food has made a place in the minds of all foody people. So let us go through the traditional dishes of Assam to enjoy those while visiting Assam.  

  • BHAAT.

 Rice is the main food item for Assamese people, be it for breakfast, launch, or dinner. Rice is called chaul (chawal in Hindi) and boiled rice, which is called bhat. Assamese people are in love with Bhaat; they have it as breakfast, with daal, sabji, or non-veg items. These days some have slightly moved from Bhaat to Bread or Roti for breakfast. Still, Bhaat remains the most loved, especially in rural Assam. For lunch and dinner, bhaat or boiled rice still is the only food for Assamese people. There is the tradition of all family members having dinner at the same time; eventually, dinner is the most substantial meal. People prefer non-veg items like the meat of fish with rice. Pork is loved in parts of the state with mutton and Chicken.

  • Khar-

Khar is the name of the ingredient, and also it is the name of the dish. It is prepared from pulses, fishes, vegetables, and meat. Khar is made by filtering the liquid from the mixture of water and banana peel. The banana peel used is mainly dried one. The dish is nurtured with the digestive properties. The recipe also acts as an Appetizer.

3)Masor Tenga-

The meaning of Tenga is Sour. For obtaining the sour taste, ingredients like lemon, elephant apple, raw mango, and tomatoes are used. It is not very much spicy. It has a mild spiciness. It is eaten mainly in the summer season as it helps in the digestion of dense food. Fenugreek and mustard seeds are used to garnish this dish and make it more beautiful.


The food gives a typical comfort when eaten. It is made up of fish, or sometimes boiled vegetable is used, and they are mixed with the chopped ginger, green chilies, and mustard oil. The coriander leaves are used for garnishing the dish. Potatoes and eggplants can also be used in the recipe. It can be easily prepared and can be eaten along with rice. It is one of the tastiest Assamese food which can be enjoyed at home itself.

5)Para Mangxo-

In most Indian states, the pigeon’s meat is banned, but in Assam, it is permitted. It helps the body get warmed and has proved that it warms the body, especially in winter months. This dish is prepared by cooking the pigeon meat along with banana flowers and peppercorns. The Para Mangxo is eaten along with Roti.

6)Polu or Leta-

Assam is famous for its silk fabric. Silk is obtained from the silkworms. But these silkworms are also used in preparing some of the tastier dishes in Assam like Polu or Leta. The silkworms are fried and deliciously eaten in many parts of Assam. It is a tribal recipe.

7)Duck meat curry-

As the pigeon’s meat is eaten widely in Assam in the same manner, ducks meat is very famous in Assam. Assamese people celebrate many of the occasions by eating duck meat. The variations of pumpkin, lentil are used while cooking this. Many of the Duck meat fans prefer to eat this dish and never miss eating it while they visit Assam.  

8)Ou Khatta-

It is one type of Chutney which is eaten in Assam. It is sweeter as well as sour in taste. It is made using Elephant apple, which is called Ou in the Assamese, and Jaggery is also used in cooking this. The elephant apple is boiled, and after the boiling gets over, it is mashed. In the end, Jaggery is added to obtain the sweet taste.

9)Baanhgajor Lagot Kukura-

The term Baanhgajor Lagot Kukura implies Chicken with a Bamboo shot. The dish is cooked by using the meat of the Chicken, bamboo shoots. The lentils are also used in preparing this dish. This is one of the delicious food in Assam, and the taste of the bamboo shoots also leaves behind the taste of the other meat dishes  which we have seen above

10)Doi Chira-

Doi Chira is specifically a breakfast recipe. In Assam, breakfast is such that it doesn’t require more cooking or doesn’t require many processes. In this recipe, the flattened rice is assorted with curd, Jaggery, and cream. It is mainly eaten at the festival of Bihu, and it is termed as a traditional Assamese dish which every person has to try at least once in a lifetime. 

 There was some delicious Assam food which we saw in the above information. Assam food has maintained its tradition and also made regular changes as per the time. For more information related to the Assam, food 

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