How to Use Amazon or Flipkart for Online Shopping

Sometimes we can find it a little bit difficult to learn a new skill, and navigating online is a whole new world for some people. However, as difficult as it seems it is easy once you get your hands on the job. Online you will find a lot of useful guides on how to shop on Amazon, and how to shop on Flipkart, which are at the time the biggest two online retailers you can find at the time.

Amazon and Flipkart have a lot of options and retailers for you to choose from, amazon counts with headquarters that can store up to thousands and thousands of products, with more than 230 million active customers they need to be prepared at all times. And if they don’t have what you are looking after you will always have options like Flipkart, not as big as Amazon, but with an amazing service and a lot of other benefits to offer.

Both sites work almost the same, you need to search and find the item in need, if you don’t have an account previously set, you will need to create a new account to make the purchase, select the product, and check out. Is easy

Both places have return policies as well. If you by accident buy clothing items that are one or two sizes too small, Amazon and Flipkart have the option for you to return it and change it for the item with the right size for you, or even if you regret your purchase or are not completely satisfied with the final product, you can get a partial or complete refund for it.

It can seem a little bit complicated at first, you would encounter several options to purchase the same item, with drastically different price points. Take your time, to find the perfect fit for you, keep exploring until you find a trustworthy seller, with good reviews and good prices.

There are many online shopping market places available in India but we are going to pinpoint some of the biggest differences between Amazon and Flipkart, keep reading to find more.


To know how to shop on Amazon is easy, as the web page itself is intuitive and easy to use. You will have a searching bar on top of it in which you will type the name of the product you are looking for. After that, you will find several options to choose from. As the website offers a platform in which you will be able to sell your product at the price you consider fair and accessible, you might encounter the same product at different prices.

In this case, we will recommend you to look after the RevExpo reviews then. Some providers have the original product you are looking after, but some others might offer you a replica or even a Chinese version of it. This doesn’t mean the product is bad, but to make sure to learn from other customers ‘ experiences.


And how to shop on Flipkart? Flipkart is a little less known platform, however, it seems that the biggest difference between Flipkart and Amazon is a liability. I have encountered several comments on this site congratulating the safety of their vendors, the liability at the time of making the purchase, and even the customer service itself. IT seems a lot of people come to this site to make bigger purchases, like technology or in bigger quantities. A fast delivering system is on the menus as well and without the need to purchase a prime service.

If you want to purchase the simplest things like household goods, books, or any other vanity, Amazon would be the best option as they have a bigger variety than Flipkart. However, Flipkart wins in terms of clothing.

They are of good quality, great designs and on top of that easy to select and purchase.
Both of the sites allow you to use discount extensions, with no issue, so points for that.

We will be able to see that people prefer to purchase bigger and more valuable stuff out of Flipkart, it seems the security in terms of sellers is more strict than Amazon. So I came across most people ordering fewer things from Flipkart, but higher on price and value. Another great deal Flipkart offers you is that all of the deliveries are free.

Amazon offers you an easy to handle platform, with a lot of options and different prices to choose from. If you want a better service you can always purchase Amazon Prime, which offers you some additional benefits, like faster delivery and sometimes free delivery.

On top of all, we can assure you online shopping is a new way after this crisis there is no way back and this type of business came here to stay. So why are you waiting to transfer your business into an online retailer? There is no chance to lose on an enterprise like this

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