Businesses around the globe are extensively focusing on video-based marketing because they provide flexibility for brands to promote themselves in numerous ways. Videos help small businesses (SMBs) in building trust, addressing concerns and queries, telling compelling brand stories, and so on. If you run a startup or small business and are looking out for ways to leverage videos for marketing strategies, your search ends here. In this blog, we will discuss how SMBs can harness the power of videos in their marketing funnel for connecting more with the audience, higher conversion rate, and better audience engagement. 

How to Make Videos?

According to Forbes, websites with videos have 88% lower bounce rates compared to those without videos. Marketers across the board know the power and potential of videos. Now, the biggest issue is how to make them. In today’s era of smartphones, capable of shooting 4K videos, helps everyone film professionally. Once the shooting is complete, editing videos is a major concern. There are two ways to do so. You can either hire a professional editor or can do it on your own. 

There are a number of online and offline video editing software available for you, where you can create or edit videos. Many online editors have an extensive library of clips, videos, images, transitions, and animations that you can leverage to make videos from scratch. Such editors are:

  1. WeVideo
  2. Biteable
  3. Animoto

There are multiple video formats that you can experiment with while including videos in your marketing channel. Some of them are:

  • Explainer Videos: These are one of the most used video formats in the sales funnel, where 2-3 minutes long videos are used to explain a specific service or product.
  • Video Tutorials: In this format, a step-by-step guide on how to use any product or service is discussed. 
  • Product Demos: As the name suggests, a demonstration of how a product or service works is described here. 

Now, let’s have a look at some tips and tricks to juice the most out of videos. 

  •  Include Your Expertise in Videos

As a brand, the first thing that you want your audience to know is what you do. Marketers today make compelling and creative ads that get a lot of attention; however, many of them lack to convey what their company does.

The basic 101 of marketing is to make things easier for people who are looking for a service like yours. While making videos for your brand, always try to include it. Along with that, your video marketing strategy should focus on how your products or services can bring convenience to a user’s life. 

  •  Build Trust by Introducing Your Team

Research suggests that the more people know about a business, the more they trust it. After conveying your niche, the next logical step for small businesses is introducing your team to viewers, you can add an introduction video or edit the videos for a greater experience using InVideo. You can either plan a topic to discuss with each introduction video, or you can showcase how your company works while simultaneously introducing your team members. As a small business owner, you need to focus more on marketing, and introducing your team members will persuade them to contribute to marketing efforts as well.

  •  Focus on User Generated Content

There is no better way of promotion than when your customers share their success stories mentioning how your product or service helped them. It can go a long way in persuading potential customers’ in preferring you over your competitor. For such videos and testimonials, ask your successful clients to aid you. Include things like their customer journey, the benefits they got, and what unique approach you took to help them out. 

Include these testimonials and customer journeys prominently on your website and social sites. While including it on your site, focus on SEO best practices. Again, research suggests that sites with videos have higher SEO scores than those without videos. The only issue is that you have to put extra effort into happy customers to agree on them to get on camera. 

  •  Interact with Your Audience

One of the simplest ways to do so is to answer all of the questions they post on your website, blog, or social sites. Another way is making videos that address their concerns. Ask you, the marketing team, to make a list of all the frequently asked questions on your feedback channel and make videos once in a while to solve them. 

You can also do live streams on social sites to interact directly with viewers and take on their queries. Else you can contact any influencer to do so on behalf of your company from your platform. In general, brands that resolve customer queries have better audience engagement and higher conversion rates. You can also conduct webinars If you have a specific issue to talk about. It can be a good way to add value to any customer’s life while taking queries and suggestions at the same time.

  •  Enhanced SEO and Search Engine Rankings

According to research, videos can generate 157% more organic traffic in search engine result pages.  Videos can be a powerful tool in hand of a good SEO executive. They don’t have a direct impact on SEO but provide your site a better chance for improvement. Two important factor in websites SEO are: 

  • Dwell Time: The time spent by a visitor is dwell time. The more time they spend, the better will be the SEO. Engaging videos will compel the visitors to spend more time on the site. 
  • Bounce Rate: It is the percentage of visitors leaving the site just after viewing a page. With engaging videos, the audience will be lured to stay on the page and there will be a higher probability that they will dig deeper into the site.      


While making videos for your business, always plan your roadmaps in advance in order to resolve any unforeseen delay or interruption. Focus on necessary stuff and make professional-looking videos for better customer engagement, like adding the introduction or the outro for your business which can be added/made using an online video editing tool like this one here, can enhance your video . Many a time, business owners produce videos in mass while compromising with the quality. You should avoid such a practice. As a small business owner, budget is always a scary thing, and you won’t want it to go in vain. Always be creative and try new things to keep your audience hooked to your videos and drive sales.