The SPG protection of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has been removed.

AUGUST 26, 2019

Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s SPG protection has been removed. The Home Ministry has taken this step. However, now he’s got Z Plus protection. The Home Ministry said that this is a normal process from time to time. It is a process based on threats from professional evaluations and security agencies. The Home Ministry has said that the Z plus protection of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will continue. SPG is one of the most professional and sophisticated security forces in the country. The SPG personnel provided 24-hour security to the Prime Minister.

Special training and skills of SPG commandos are provided for the Prime Minister’s special protection and various investigations. His discipline is more rigid than the rest of the commandos, so that they do not neglect some duties. It is the responsibility of the SPG to travel to any part of the country, abroad, everywhere, protecting the Prime Minister at any moment and protecting him from any kind of attack. In addition to the Prime Minister’s organ defense, the SPG provides protection to the Prime Minister’s residence, the Prime Minister’s office and every place where the Prime Minister comes and resides.

After the assassination of Indira Gandhi, the need for SPG was felt, so that no other Prime Minister’s life could be lost in this way. SPG was established on June 2, 1988. Its annual budget is 408.98 crore rupees. Its head is IPS Arun Kumar Sinha, whose term has been extended by the Modi government. SPG gets the maximum allowance and benefits compared to the rest of the staff. According to multiple media reports, his salary is about 1 lakh.

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