The Best Features of iMind: A Comprehensive Video Conferencing Platform in India

Video conferences have long become a norm in the business space in India; this may seem surprising given that, a few years back, this technology was hard to reach. If you want to have a video conference, you must have an expensive camera along with a high-quality internet connection. 


But all has changed now; even a small business organization can organize video conferences conveniently, sometimes without even spending a penny. All you need is a webcam, a smartphone or PC.  Generally, we can say video conferences have become accessible to everybody, thus expanding human beings’ horizons. 


When it comes to the best video conference tool that provides excellent service, there is none better than iMind, based on user reviews. You may read iMind reviews to know what user are saying about this tool. 


iMind is a video conference platform that allows you to communicate with your employees, colleagues, and clients more conveniently without compromising video and sound quality. 


Let’s look at the remarkable features of this comprehensive tool that makes it stand out among many. 

Best Features of the iMind Video Conference Tool

iMind provides a visual solution for both small and large enterprises. In fact, the free plan allows you to host a meeting with over 100 participants. 


The primary requirement for every video conference is compelling, high-quality video and audio. iMind allows you to do things such as sharing your screen and documents in HD, managing your transmission quality, and many more. If you want to accommodate everyone into your video conference, you can reduce the video quality. 


The platform is easy to use; you can customize it according to your needs. For example, every new attendee that is trying to join the meeting will be asked by the platform to send their picture to the host. 


You can use most of the platform’s features to execute tasks like sharing your screen online, transferring files, recording video conferences, and chatting for business. And it doesn’t require password, you will only receive a one-time password via your email. 


Furthermore, some functions let you elevate your internal communication efficiency, such as 

  • window or screen sharing;
  • cloud storage;
  • meeting rooms. 

This functions increase your experience using the tool. 

Get started with the iMind video conference platform

As we described above, iMind is easy to use; with one click, you can launch a conference room. Click on create a room after reaching the website, then enter the conference name; once you are done, send the link to the participants so they can join the meeting. For more on the benefits of this incredible platform, check iMind’s official Facebook account 

Wrap up 

Video conference is now incorporated into our daily activities, making it positioned on top as an effective communication tool offering a straightforward business process. Among these tools is iMind, which brought great sensation to the world, especially with how it eases communication, reduces business trips for many organizations, saves hospitality, and many more. 

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