Privileges Indians will get as section 370 rises from Jammu and Kashmir.

This morning, the government announced a historic decision to abolish Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir. The President’s signature on the recommendation made by Home Minister Amit Shah to the Rajya Sabha was also completed. How the people of India will be benefitted by the abolition of 370 / 35A has begun on social media about. There was a compromise between Nehru and Sheikh Abdullah after independence. It was decided that a constitution there should be an implementation included in the Constitution which will be about Jammu and Kashmir. Accordingly, the security, foreign ministry, and communications center will be overseen. Everything else will be in the hands of the center.

Implementation of 370 means that the constitution of India and Jammu and Kashmir will be different. Not only this, people in J&K could buy places in other states of India but people in other states could not buy places in J&K. Special rules applicable to Jammu and Kashmir for the sake of Article 370
3) Residents have two citizenships, separate state flags,
2) 5 years in the Legislative Assembly,
3) No Indian laws were applicable in Jammu and Kashmir
3) The instructions or orders of the Supreme Court of India did not apply to Jammu and Kashmir.
3) Hindus and Sikhs in Kashmir could not save 5%.
3) Sharia law was applied to women
3) If a J&K girl marries a girl from another state, the woman’s rights and property in Jammu and Kashmir would be terminated.

For this section, many Hindus are deprived of citizenship. On the basis of special powers, Kashmir has been made completely Hindu. However, Article 370 has now been abolished. Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh have been divided into two Union Territories. As a result, people from other states of India can now buy land in Jammu and Kashmir. At the same time, the rest of the rules will be broken.

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