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We’ve arrived at the midpoint of this year of Star Trek: Picard, and at previous it would seem as if all the parts are on the board. Even though there might be a full whole lot of plot heading on, the story is relocating at a energetic tempo and has offered just about every member of the ensemble enough time in the highlight (help save bad Evan Evagora). “Fly Me to the Moon” provides even additional characters to the solid, gives some timely solutions to the thoughts that have been mounting for the past couple of weeks, and ties into many pieces of deep Star Trek lore.

Initially, we get to know Tallinn (Orla Brady), the “Supervisor” who’s been assigned to continue to keep an eye on a single certain person important to the timeline: astronaut Renee Picard (Penelope Mitchell), a distant cousin to our individual Jean-Luc. The Supervisors are a idea launched in the 1968 Star Trek episode “Assignment: Earth,” in which a person contacting himself Gary 7 is tasked with averting nuclear war in the 20th century. Tallinn’s career is less complicated, but her instructions are additional obscure. She’s to check out above Renee Picard, but she hasn’t been told why Renee is important to the record of the galaxy. So when Renee considers quitting NASA’s mission to Europa just times just before start, Tallinn sees no motive to interfere. Jean-Luc, having said that, appreciates that Renee’s flight is a vital second in his timeline, and discovers that Q has been posing as a mission psychologist and deliberately stoking her nervousness and despair.

POrla Brady as Tallinn Trae Patton/Paramount+

Tallinn herself continues to be mysterious. She may well be just about similar to Picard’s companion Laris, but she’s in no way heard the identify right before and indicates that she’s not a time traveler. Tallinn has been recruited by a greater intelligence, but we don’t know in which she’s from. Gary Seven was a human currently being from the 20th century, though descended from a group of humans who ended up transported to one more globe all over 6000 BC and guided by the aliens who command the Supervisors. Tallinn may well also be native to the time that she surveys, but from a comparable world of offshoot humans or Romulans. Tallinn and Laris may well transform out to be the exact person, though there’s also the possibility that she’s some implausibly equivalent ancestor.

Talking of which, Brent Spiner returns this 7 days to portray nonetheless another member of the Soong family, the geneticist Dr. Adam Soong. This marks the fourth of Data’s family to use Spiner’s acquainted confront over the training course of the franchise (sixth if you depend other androids). Isa Briones receives in on the pleasurable, too, as Adam’s daughter Kore. (This is her initial human Soong, but her fourth unique character on Picard following portraying androids Soji, Dahj, and Sutra.) Adam is desperately pursuing a get rid of for a strange genetic ailment which forces Kore to reside inside a hermetically sealed ecosystem. He’s missing his license and funding, but receives an supply of help from a mysterious resource: Q. (The amount on Q’s 3D-printed business enterprise card is genuine, by the way. Simply call 323-634-5667 for a chuckle.) Q delivers Adam a sample of a speculate drug that temporarily stabilizes Kore’s situation, and claims him a long lasting remedy in trade for a tiny enable working with Renee Picard. 

The route of Adam Soong is a even further extrapolation backwards from Brent Spiner’s 2004 overall look on Star Trek: Business. There, he portrayed Dr. Arik Soong, a geneticist who unthaws and raises a brood of augmented individuals from the Eugenics Wars, the exact conflict that produced legendary villain Khan Noonien Singh. “Fly Me to the Moon” suggests that Arik’s ancestor, Adam, may possibly have experienced a hand in the Eugenics Wars himself. He’s been carrying out genetic experiments with non-public military services providers, and based on his hesitation when Kore asks a dilemma about her mom, even Kore herself might be an early, incomplete draft of an Increase. Picard co-showrunner Terry Matalas has currently implied that Khan’s reign, which was originally explained to have finished in 1996, might be moved on the Star Trek timeline to account for the simple fact that the real 1990s have arrive and long gone without a genetic Superman in sight are we observing the set up for it appropriate now?

In addition to an attention-grabbing wrinkle in this season of Picard, we may possibly also be witnessing the early warning symptoms of Star Trek brand synergy. Picard Season 2 will be right away adopted by the premiere of the new spin-off Weird New Worlds, in which Christina Chong will enjoy a character named La’an Noonien-Singh. There is also a miniseries about the lifetime of Khan that’s been in advancement hell at Paramount for the previous couple decades. Alex Kurtzman and company could be intentionally constructing these stories toward every other, Marvel-model. Or, they could possibly just be doing work too tough to clarify why Data’s creator’s identify, Noonian Soong, is so related to Khan’s. (Reportedly, Gene Roddenberry just named them both of those just after a pilot he achieved in Earth War II.)

The downside of getting three new recurring characters to take a look at this 7 days is that a several of the regulars have to consider a backseat. Raffi and Seven’s rescue of Rios and the rest of the ICE detainees on his bus is short and unremarkable, help you save for a reminder that Raffi is nevertheless having difficulties with grief in excess of Elnor’s loss of life. When she briefly errors a single of the detainees for Elnor, it’s an effective mislead. Immediately after all, everybody else in the key cast has ended up with a counterpart to engage in in the 21st century, so it would seem momentarily plausible that Evan Evagora may well still have some part to engage in. People of us who skip Elnor have our hopes elevated and crushed alongside with Raffi’s.

Meanwhile, the war amongst Dr. Agnes Jurati (Alison Pill) and the Borg Queen (Annie Wersching) normally takes a pivotal flip. The Queen lures a cop to La Sirena and Jurati is forced to blast the Queen with a shotgun to continue to keep her from assimilating him. Unbeknownst to the rest of the crew (or the viewers, until eventually the remaining times of the episode), this is simply a ploy to attract Agnes near adequate that the Queen is in a position to inject her with some extra nanoprobes and transfer her consciousness into her system. Now, Agnes and the Queen are a collective of two, seemingly cohabitating in a person mind. Whether or not the Queen is steering or Agnes however has just one hand on the wheel continues to be to be seen. The Queen has been making an attempt to seduce Agnes with the promise of real companionship, but that may merely be how the Queen sees assimilation, the prospect for a different lonely staying to be graced with her “perfection” and guided by her will.

The closing third of “Fly Me to the Moon” feels like extra of a taste of what is up next, as the gang gears up to infiltrate the Europa Mission’s send out-off gala, Mission: Not possible fashion. (Composer Jeff Russo seizes on the chance to rearrange the Picard theme into the jazzy idiom of Paramount’s other crown jewel franchise.) The aim is for Agnes to sneak in and get herself caught so that she can hack the site’s safety and let the rest of the crew inside of to hold an eye on Renee Picard. I, for a person, am a sucker for a spy-fi gimmick, primarily when it entails placing our solid in fancy evening attire. But extra than just placing the phase for an remarkable following chapter, “Fly Me to the Moon” feels like the fulcrum of this season’s arc, the point when the tale results in being fewer about gathering clues and far more about performing on them. We’ve had two episodes of prologue, a different 3 of what feels like Act A single, and now we’re in the meat of the time, poised to dig in. 

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