How to use Twitter to develop your business

Social media and digitisation have enabled many brands to broaden their horizons enormously, enabling them to increase their sales performance and find new types of customers, even from particular audience segments to which they had never paid attention before. 


The main advantage for companies entering the universe of social media is precisely the possibility of being able to access a potentially infinite pool of users, and therefore much larger (in any case) than the potential customers that might be attracted by a shop window, a luminous sign or any other promotional message placed outside a physical shop, or perhaps delivered to the home with an extremely targeted communication. 


Another non-negligible advantage, for all companies that communicate online, is certainly that linked to the opportunity to become part of a flow of news, events and discussions that take place online, within the virtual spaces that host the new social arenas for communication (social networks), and that could therefore also welcome the views or particular content published by companies, in order to intrigue potential buyers and induce them to visit the company pages opened on social media. 


The power of current affairs 


For this reason, in order to be truly effective on social media, brands will necessarily have to carefully monitor what is happening in the world, the latest news, even those not necessarily related to their own sector, trying to thread their way into the streams of conversation that develop online and thus increase the brand’s visibility, always offering competent and qualified opinions, but also precise points of view that help the public to better understand the brand’s personality, its character, its main values. 


In order to obtain the best results from this strategy, brands must necessarily favour those social media closely connected with the world of real-time information, with all those social platforms capable of proposing at any second a wide flow of conversations and information in real time on a particular topic, on a particular news event, thus giving companies the opportunity to enter this virtual vortex of information and thus increase their awareness. 

The ideal social media, from this point of view, is precisely Twitter, which has been in the media spotlight for some time now due to the numerous changes made by its new owner, billionaire Elon Musk. In addition to using it as a powerful public relations medium, brands can use Twitter to announce special offers or events, to connect with current events, but also to promote corporate content published on other platforms, such as a blog or website. 


Participating in industry conversations on Twitter will also help the brand to establish itself even more as an opinion leader, just like LinkedIn and its lively conversation groups. On Twitter, brands should first and foremost take care of engagement and shares, trying as much as possible to respond to specific tweets and regularly express their opinion on business-related topics. 


A question of engagement 


To increase engagement, brands should certainly take inspiration from one of the most recent communication campaigns by Fevicol, the Indian adhesives giant, which showed the world (and the whole of India) how to create content for social media that attracts the attention of the public and actively involves them in its strategies. 


In the course of the campaign, the Indian brand invited users to submit their ideas for creative content for the brand’s advertising, at a stroke increasing its engagement, the penetrative power of its social media posts and the strength of its online presence. 


Engagement can also be achieved through high quality products or services, capable of attracting the attention of the public also online. Some of the best online gambling portals, in recent years, have developed extremely effective communication strategies that have led to an incredible increase in user traffic to their sites, working above all on the fluidity of navigation on the website, the graphic appearance of the various games and all the other visual and sound effects included in the games, in order to obtain more interactions thanks to the silent power of storytelling. 


In addition to offering an endless selection of casino games to choose from, all of which are 100 per cent safe and reliable, these sites also offer the best casino bonuses, which will immerse the player in an even deeper and more rewarding experience than traditional gaming. Within these portals, everyone will therefore be able to find the game or gaming experience that best suits their tastes and expectations. 


The real challenge of the future, for all types of business, is to develop the ability to create engaging content to be disseminated on social media, capable of capturing the user’s attention in a split second.

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