Your AC rating will change from 5 to 4 stars, know what is going to change!

The star rating scale showing the power saving on Air Conditioner is going to change from next month. The 5 star rating coming up to the month of June will be converted into a 4 star rating from next month.

Air Conditioner is the best solution to give relief from this fierce heat. However, it also consumes more energy, in which a star rating is given to indicate power saving. This star rating is 5 (5 Star AC Rating) reaches. But now the math of star rating or say ABCD is going to change. After this decision, the 5 star AC coming from July 1 will save more power than the 5 star AC coming at present. Simply put, 5 star AC coming this month will be converted to 4 star AC from next month.

Actually, 5 star ratings will be different for Windows and Split AC. Both types of ACs are different in view of the design and in such a situation the rating of both will also be given differently. How much is the cost of such affected: Changing the rating on AC will also affect the pocket of the users. Where the new 5 star AC will be better power saving and consume less power. At the same time, the price of AC can increase by up to 7-10 percent.

Why is 5 star AC expensive?

Actually, the parameters of 5 star AC are different, in which airflow, surface area of ​​copper tube and efficiency compressor are fitted, which help in saving electricity. In such a situation, both the price and power saving of such increases.

The rating of fridge will also change soon

BEE has said that there will be no change in the price of frost free and direct cool refrigerators this year. However, there may be changes in the rating of the fridge from next year, with the help of which better power saving will be updated.

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However, now inverter technology has also been included in AC for power saving, which means that the speed of the motor attached to the compressor can be more or less. Whereas in non-convertible, the speed of the motors installed for the compressor cannot be controlled. In such a situation, the bill of non-inverter AC comes more than that of inverter AC.

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