You would not have seen such a form of dreaded hyena! Video blew people’s senses

In the clip going viral, a hyena plays some fun with a man locked in a cage, as if he is a man’s pet dog. You would hardly have seen such a form of this merciless predatory animal before.

A man was seen having fun with the dreaded hyena in a closed cage

Image Credit source: Instagram/african_animal

wild animals in jungle world hyenas also counts. It is a very cruel predatory animal, because it eats its prey by scratching it alive. On the other hand, if there is a herd, then the ‘king of the jungle’ can overpower even the lion. But social media But now the netizens are stunned to see the video that has surfaced. In fact, a man is seen having fun with this merciless predatory animal in a closed cage, as if he is with his pet dog. This video of few seconds fast viral Happening.

Believe me, seeing this short clip, you too will be in thought. In the beginning of the video going viral, a man is seen sitting inside a large cage. But the very next moment something happens, seeing which people are finding it difficult to believe their eyes. You can see that suddenly a hyena comes in front of the camera and then it starts having fun with the person. The surprising thing is that the hyena does not even attack the person. Anyone’s heartbeat can increase by watching this video.

Watch the video of the man playing with the hyena here

This shocking video has been shared with an account named african_animal. The user has written in the caption, how close is there between these two. Both seem to be good friends. About 60 thousand people have liked this video uploaded on October 26, while the clip has lakhs of views. This number is increasing rapidly. Apart from this, many people have registered their feedback.

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One user has written, I came to know today that hyenas are bigger than humans. At the same time, another user says, why is he not attacking the man. Can even wild animals be domesticated? Another user has written, Oh Teri. He is behaving like a dog. Overall, this video has surprised people.

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