You must have heard the names of SUV and hatchback in cars, but you know the real difference between these two segments!

Suv Vs Hatch Back

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In the car segment, you must have heard about hatchback and SUV cars. But have you thought that why the two are different from each other? What is the difference between these two segments, which makes them different.

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Apr 27, 2022 | 10:14 am

There are different segments of cars. You hatchback (hatchback) and SUV cars (SUV Cars) would have heard of. Most small vehicles like hatchback are very much liked in the country but in recent years SUV There has also been a tremendous craze about it. Both these segments are one of the most liked segments in the country. But do you know on what basis these segments of the car are determined? What are the standards by which companies decide which car this is?

What are hatchback cars?

  • Hatchback is one of the smallest cars. In this, along with the luggage space, the cabin space is also less.
  • There are many categories in the hatchback as well. Like micro hatchback (Tata Nano), mini hatchback (Renault Kwid), regular hatchback (Maruti Swift) and premium hatchback (i20).
  • The hatchback offers less leg space, rear seat passenger space and boot space.
  • Hatchback cars tend to have a slight body roll due to the length-to-height ratio.

What are SUV cars?

  • The full form of SUV car is Sports Utility Vehicle.
  • This car is known for its rugged look
  • The SUV car is available in 2 wheel drive as well as 4 wheel drive option.
  • SUV car engine is more powerful with more torque
  • SUV cars are divided into different segments like mini SUV, mid size SUV and premium SUV.
  • SUV car runs on speed as well as better grip on the road and in bad road condition

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