Yes Bank registered a growth of 6 percent, got the benefit of rating upgrade

Yes Bank registers a growth of 6 percent

Today, the stock of Yes Bank has seen an increase of about 11 percent, while the stock has increased by 27 percent so far in the month of April.

Yes Bank ,Yes BankThere has been a steady rise in the stock of ) for the last few days. Which is still seen today. stock today (stock trading) reached a new high of the year. Bank’s Credit Rating by Care Ratings Today’s Bullish in Stock (Credit Ratings) was seen after the improvement. Due to positive news even amid the fall in the stock market, investors bought in Yes Bank and the stock reached a new high of the year with a rise of 11 percent at the beginning of trading. However, later the stock showed downward pressure in the entire market and there was a slight decline in it. Yes Bank stock closed with a gain of 6 percent in today’s trading.

Where did the stock of Yes Bank reach?

Today Yes Bank has closed at the level of 15.57 with a gain of 6 percent. During trading, the stock had reached a level of 16.25, which is the new high of the stock year and was also 10.61 percent higher than the previous closing level of 14.69. The year low for the stock is 10.51. The stock has been seeing steady gains for some time now. In the month of April itself, the stock has increased from the level of 12.29 to the level of 15.57. That is, in the 5 trading session of April, the stock has increased by 26.7 percent. At present, the total market cap of the bank is at the level of Rs 39,010 crore.

CARE Ratings upgrades its rating

The rating upgrade done by Care Ratings is the main reason for the rise in Yes Bank’s stock. CARE Ratings has upgraded the credit rating of Yes Bank’s Rs 5000 crore infrastructure bond from BBB to BBB+ and has maintained a positive outlook. The credit rating of its Lower Tier 2 and Upper Tier 2 bonds has also been upgraded. The bank gave this information to the stock exchanges today. At the same time, the bank has informed that in the financial year ended March 2022, its total advances have increased by 8.8 percent to the level of Rs 181,508 crore. According to the bank, in the financial year ended March 2020, the bank’s total advances were at the level of Rs 166,893 crore. Today’s gain in the stock has been seen amidst pressure in the market. The stock markets closed with a fall in Thursday’s trading and the major indexes have broken about 1 percent.

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