Would not have seen such a fight… Dozens of players fight, referee was also beaten up: Video

In the last minutes of the Russian football tournament, the players of Zenit and Spartak Moscow started fighting badly, after which the referee sent off 6 players.

The referee also got involved in the fight between the two teams.

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Queue world cup 2022 So far exciting matches have been seen on the field but no major incident of any kind has taken place. Players often clash in football matches, but so far this has not been seen in the World Cup. However, football matches are not only happening in the World Cup, but are also happening in different tournaments, and in one such tournament, there was such a fight between dozens of players from two teams, seeing which anyone’s senses would be blown away.

Russia, the host of last year’s World Cup, is not participating in the tournament this time. Russia’s football team was banned by FIFA since the Russian attack on Ukraine, but its domestic tournaments are taking place and one such tournament clashed in a match of the Russia Cup between Jetin St. Petersburg and Spartak Moscow. The match was going on at 0-0 till the end.

kick punches

In the last moments of the match, there was a dispute over a free kick and the players of both the teams started arguing with each other. Before the referee reached and stopped the dispute between the players, many other players also reached and after that a tremendous fight started. Players of both the teams sitting on the bench and members of the support staff also entered the ground and started kicking and punching. In all this, the referee, who was intervening, also came under wraps and some punches fell on the referee as well.

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Red card shown to 6 players

This brawl went on for about a minute or two, which put everyone in a quandary. Finally somehow this ruckus could be stopped. Eventually, the referee threw out the match by showing red cards to a total of 6 players from both the teams who started the fight. Eventually, a penalty shootout could be started to decide the outcome of the match, where Zenit defeated Spartak 4–2.

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