Wonderful manners of overloaded trucks were seen on the road, people said – ‘We will not break this friendship’

A funny video of the friendship of trucks running on the highway has surfaced these days, seeing which you too will definitely remember your ‘best friend’.

funny video of friends of trucks

You must have seen many videos related to the friendship of humans and animals on social media. Which is very much liked by the users and even if it is not, friendship is the only thing. But have you ever seen the friendship of vehicles? If not, then these days a similar video has surfaced on social media. Seeing which you will definitely remember your friend.

In this video going viral, the friendship of two trucks has been shown, which you must be surprised to see and you say that it is not possible, but you must watch this video before bringing this idea to mind. After seeing which you will also say, ‘Really when, what and how to become viral in the world of internet. Nothing can be said about it.

In the video you can see that two overloaded trucks are seen sticking to each other in such a way that people feel as if they are hugging each other. Due to the simultaneous movement of both these trucks, they cover a lot of road space and other vehicles do not get a way out. Due to which other vehicles also have to slow down their speed and at the same time someone made this video which is now going viral in the internet world.

watch this video

This video is being liked a lot by social media users. This is the reason why users have made funny comments on it. One user wrote, ‘We will not break this friendship.’ At the same time, another user wrote, ‘Such stunts can endanger the life of themselves and others.’ Another user wrote, ‘Looking at them, it looks as if they are hugging each other.’ Apart from this, there are many other users like this. Who has made funny comments on this. For your information, let us tell you that this funny video has been shared on Instagram by an account named dagar2061. Which has got hundreds of views and likes till the time of writing the news.

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