Woman trapped during exercise, then Apple Watch pulled out of death

A surprising case has come to light from America. Where a woman was trapped during exercise but she was saved by her Apple Watch.

Apple Watch saved lives

Image Credit source: Pixabay

In this era of increasing modernization technology is expanding very fast. technology Through this, a person makes those tasks very easy which used to be very difficult. Today with the help of the biggest technology of human beings are easily done. But technology can save a person’s life help Do not get to hear this soon. One such case has come to the fore from America these days. Where apple watch saved a woman’s life.

The case is of Ohio, America, where Christine was exercising in the gym late at night with a mobile in front. During this, she was doing the upside down exercise and she gets stuck in the inversion table. Christine was stuck there for a long time and for the same time her video was being made in the mobile. Music was playing loudly in the gym and no one present there did not notice that the woman was trapped there.

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Its video was also shared on the Internet. In which it can be seen that she is feeling absolutely helpless. Seeing no help from anyone in the gym, he put his smart watch 911 and then the police came and helped him. It is a matter of luck that he did not get any serious injury during this incident. After this incident, Christine said, now She will not exercise by going to that table. Apart from this, she also said that she will now stay away from Tiktok so that her mind can get peace.

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Many users have given their feedback by commenting on Christine’s video. One user commented and wrote, ‘Your life was saved by a clock.. Hearing this, I am unable to control my laughter.’ At the same time, another user wrote, ‘Apple Smart Watch has done wonders.’ Another user wrote, ‘Apple should show this story in the advertisement.’ Apart from this, many more people have given their feedback by commenting on this. For your information, let us tell you that the exercise Christine was doing gives relief in back pain. A report was published in ‘Healthline’ regarding this exercise. In which it has been told that if you hang upside down for a long time during the ‘upside-down exercise’, then blood can accumulate in the head. Which is very dangerous for the body.

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