Woman journalist created ruckus over ‘Urdu’ text printed on Haldiram’s packet, video went viral

In the video, the reporter of Sudarshan TV is questioning the staff there with a packet of Haldiram in hand that why is it written in Urdu in the packet of fast. After this ruckus, the hashtag #Haldirams is trending on Twitter. People are giving different reactions

A debate broke out on Twitter after this video of Haldiram’s restaurant went viral.

Image Credit source: Twitter

Sweets and Snacks Company Haldiram’s (HaldiramThe video of a store of ) has spread like fire on social media. In the viral video, a woman reporter of a news channel is seen fighting fiercely with the employees of the store. from reporter staff Haldiram The text in ‘Urdu’ on the snack packet of (Urdu Text) Makes a lot of ruckus asking the reason for being written. On this the manager flatly refuses to answer the questions of the reporter. #Haldirams is trending on Twitter after this video went viral. There has been a debate among social media users regarding this.

The female reporter who created the ruckus in the video is from Sudarshan News TV. However, the name of the reporter could not be ascertained. In the video you can see that the reporter takes a packet of Haldiram and asks the employee why the fasting snack packet is written in Urdu. To this the staff replied that people from many communities come here, so Urdu has also been used on the packet. The reporter says that you are deceiving the Hindus who fast during Navratri. After which the staff gets angry and says, whatever you have to do, madam, Haldiram does not entertain such tantrums. We do not consider it necessary to answer your questions.

Watch the video of the debate in Haldiram’s restaurant here

This video, shared on Twitter with the handle @Cryptic_Miind, has more than 74 thousand views. The post has been liked by 3 thousand people, while more than 600 people have retweeted. After this uproar, there has been a flood of reactions on Twitter with the hashtag #Haldirams. This video has started a new debate on social media. Some are blaming Haldiram, while some are criticizing the reporter. Some people also say that it is not Urdu but Arabic text. Because its products are also exported to the Middle East.

people’s reaction

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