Will Smith Slap Scandal: Mother Rose Rock’s reaction to slapping her son, said – Will has slapped a mother not Chris…

Chris Rock’s mother Rose Rock reacted after the slap scandal during the 2022 Oscars, saying that my son is trying to recover from that incident. Will should have come personally and apologized to him.

The Oscar slap controversy of 2022 often remains in the headlines for one reason or the other. Almost a month after the controversy, mother Rose Rock’s reaction to slapping son Chris Rock has come to the fore. Will Smith ,Will Smith) who is a Hollywood actor, won the Oscar Award 2022 last month.Oscar Award 2022During ) host Chris Rock was slapped in front of everyone. Chris Rock in the middle of the show (Chris Rock) made fun of the baldness of Will’s wife, Jada. After which the matter caught fire and as an action, Will Smith was banned by the Oscar Academy for 10 years. According to media reports, now in this controversy, Chris’s mother Rose Rock has imposed a class on actor Will Smith’s actions.

Chris Rock’s mother Rose Rock is an author and motivational speaker by profession. Recently, Rose said in an interview that her son Chris is doing well. Chris is still trying to come out of what happened to him.

Responding to Will’s slap, Rose Rock said that Will slapped not only Kris but all of us. He has slapped me. You hurt me when you hurt my child.

Further, Rose said that she does not understand what to tell her for this act of Will Smith. She doesn’t know what else Will was thinking about the world. Will just slapped him but a lot of things have happened to him. Chris could have fallen from this incident and Will could have been punished for it. But, he did not even think about this thing even once.

Will made Jada’s day by slapping Chris: Rose Rock

Rose said that Will reacted at the behest of his wife and after that the incident happened by going on stage. He even made his wife Jada’s day because she was embarrassed because of making fun of him.

On banning Will from the Oscars, Rose said that there is no use in banning Chris for 10 years. Because he does not go to award shows every year. Rose doesn’t think the Academy should take Smith’s Oscar, nor will she be too proud to do so.

Smith should apologize personally, not on Instagram

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He said that after this incident, the apology shared by Will on Instagram, he did not do it from the heart. Rose feels bad that Will never apologized for the incident. He wrote only four lines on social media, while that matter was very personal. For this, Will himself should have come and talked to Chris.

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