Why Tata’s new electric car Avinya is different and what are the amazing features in it which no one else has!

Tata Curvv Electric SUV will get better driving range.

Tata is going to make a splash in the electric car market. Tata has launched an electric concept car AVINYA. This car is ready on the Gen3 platform. Let us know how different this concept model is compared to other electric cars?

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Apr 30, 2022 | 8:05 pm

in country electric cars ,Electric Cars) is working on a tremendous strategy to make its mark in the market. In view of this, yesterday Tata (Tata CarsThe new concept car will be based on the Gen3 model from the future line of global electric models. This platform was designed only in view of the electric car. Till now, Tata’s electric car was based on the old fuel model, but now Tata is preparing a fully electric car.

The Tata electric cars launched so far were built on the platform of older cars. But the Generation 3 platform has been designed keeping in mind the electric car. Apart from this, the company will prepare its upcoming car on a fully electric model. This car will be completely different in many respects. Let us know why this new Tata Avinya car is so special.

Read 10 important things related to this car and technology

  1. Being built on the new Gen3 platform, the car will get more interior space.
  2. Basing on Gen3 technology, the car will have a minimum range of 500 kms.
  3. For the global lineup, Tata has launched this car with a premium design theme.
  4. Durable material has been used in the interior of this concept car.
  5. The company has launched this EV car with a minimalist design.
  6. This new generation EV car from Tata will be visible on the roads by 2025.
  7. These concept cars will not be available in other engine or fuel variants other than EV.
  8. Through this new platform, Tata has made full use of the space between the axles.
  9. Avinya is 4.3 meters tall. Which is equivalent to Hyundai’s crate.
  10. This car will be available with fast charging technology. It will have a driver assistance system.

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