Why Safe Access to Medical Marijuana Is Extremely Important for Patients

Medical marijuana is a very well known plant. It is mostly known for the THC which can
cause mental disturbances. The rest of what marijuana is is mostly lore and history.
Marijuana is one of the most recognizable plants, but no one knows conclusively what it
can be used to treat. This can be a dangerous thing. People are looking for medical
help from this plant and there is little scientifically proven evidence as to what it can do
but there is a lot of helpful information on veriheal.com.

People need to be able to get access to medical marijuana as a treatment for more than
what the Federal Government say is OK. There are more uses for it than we know.
People will continue to self medicate until the Federal Government relaxes its stance on
the study of marijuana for more conditions than the handful of allowable treatments. The
THC products should continue to be heavily regulated because of the way it is abused
by the general public.

Marijuana has been used since ancient times to treat such conditions as nausea, but it
is only in modern times that it has been criminalized to use it without the permission of
the government. People will continue to use it as they feel it works best for them
regardless of who tells them they shouldn’t.

When you are a medical marijuana card holder this is problematic. With more people
access marijuana in all states, if a patient needs a particular strain, they cannot always
get it and in several states, the dispensaries have been shut down in favor of
recreational marijuana stores. This means more competition of select strains with
people who do not necessarily need the plant medically.

Another problem with a lot of the state medical marijuana programs is that there are so
few dispensaries to choose from with limited resources at all of them. Not everyone will
be able to get the strain they want or need. It also makes it difficult for some of them to
even get to the dispensary because there are so few. In Delaware, there are only three
available so if you do not live near to the one you have a long way to go to get your
medicine. You are also restricted on the amount you are able to legally buy at a time so
you will need to return the next week to get more.

If you are proven to need marijuana for a medical reason such as chronic pain or to
treat a medical condition such as epilepsy, you should be able to access a dispensary
or a clinic that can dispense marijuana legally to get your medicine. There should be no
waiting and legal restriction of distance shouldn’t be a barrier to care. If the state has
legalized marijuana all around, there should be a first come, first serve the requirement
for those people that are proven to need certain strains. They should not have to go
without the medicine that has been proven to work.

The legal legislation needs to be rewritten to make sure people that have been proven
medically to need certain strains aren’t left out of the “green wave” that is spreading
across the United States. It is good that more attention is being paid to studying this
plant from a medical angle and that it is allowable to have for treating ailments, but if it is
all being bought and consumed by people who are not medically proven to need it, the

legislation needs to step in and make adjustments to the laws to make sure that those
people that need certain strains get them.
What is making its way into law around the United States is uneven legislation. There is
a state that lets their citizens have whatever they want whenever they want it without
regard to other people. Then there are the states that are so restrictive most people
have trouble finding a doctor that will help them get a medicine that may treat a life-
threatening illness. This uneven distribution of information and power will eventually
leave the country unbalanced and unstable and the people that truly need help will not
get it.

How the laws need to be rewritten needs to be addressed on a Federal Level and
enforced across the entire nation. Marijuana started as a federally controlled substance
and the power to control it has been lost. The lack of information about it is where the
problem lies. Research into marijuana and find out how it works for people and find a
way to make sure it can be used medically by everyone.

The easiest way to take control back is by providing the people with the information and
power to make their own choices, not to make them for them. Until then, people who
need medical marijuana will have to fight the very systems helping them to get what
they need to be healthy.

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