Whether to fill petrol or not, these 6 services are available at petrol pumps ‘FREE’

6 facilities are available free of cost at the petrol pump.

The facility of drinking water, air filling facility, toilet facility, first aid kit and phone at the petrol pump is essential. These facilities of the petrol pump are open and the petrol pump operator cannot refuse to provide these facilities.

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May 22, 2022 | 6:45 am

Certain essential facilities are definitely there at the petrol pump. Petrol pump ,Petrol Pump facilities) But only those people go who have to fill petrol or diesel. However, there are some features that are completely free (Petrol pump FREE services) and anyone can take advantage of it. These facilities of the petrol pump are open and the petrol pump operator cannot refuse to provide these facilities. For this, rules and regulations have also been made under the Marketing Discipline Guidelines. If you do not get the facilities free of cost at the petrol pump, then you can file a complaint against the pump owner. That is, the owners of petrol pumps are obliged to provide these facilities. Let us know about these features.

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  1. Free Air: All petrol pumps have air filling machines. This machine is a part of that free facility. The petrol pump owner has to install this machine so that the people who come to fill the oil, if they want, fill the air in the car. No money has to be paid for this. A person is also hired for this work on behalf of the pump owner. You can fill the air for free and no money is asked for it from the pump side.
  2. Drinking water facility: It is mandatory to arrange for clean drinking water i.e. drinking water at the petrol pump. People who came to buy oil can demand drinking water facility and this facility has to be provided free of cost by the pump. For this, pump owners install RO or purifiers. Some pumps also have a refrigerator where people can drink cold water. This is also a part of the free facility.
  3. Toilet: There should be toilet facility at the petrol pump. This facility is given free of cost to the customers. The pump owner has to take care that the toilet is clean and functional. If there is any problem in this, then the customer can complain about it and the pump owner may have to answer it.
  4. Phone: If you have to call somewhere in an emergency, then the facility is provided free of cost at the petrol pump. That is, along with opening the petrol pump, a telephone number has to be started there so that the customers who come to fill petrol can use it.
  5. First Aid Kit: Also called first aid box, it contains some first aid medicines or equipment. This facility is to be provided free of cost at every petrol pump. If some incident happens suddenly, then the person can use the medicines in this box before going to the nearest hospital.
  6. Quality Check- You also get the right at the petrol pump that you can get the petrol you get checked. In this you can also get the quantity checked along with the quality. Apart from this, there are many other facilities at the petrol pump which have to be maintained. Such as fire extinguishing equipment including buckets filled with sand or fire safety spray. To tell the current price of petrol or diesel, there should be a display with the latest update. This will facilitate the customer to know the prices.

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