Where do you get this remote control? Due to which the wife stops speaking, funny video went viral on Twitter

What if someone gets such a remote that he can control his wife? One such video has surfaced in recent days. In which a man gets such a remote in his hand, from which he starts controlling his wife.

Wife Control Remote (Image: Snap From Twitter)

husband wife (Husband wife funny VideoA lot of jokes are made on the relationship. People often jokingly complain that they are very unhappy with their wife’s chatter. But imagine if it happens that you can control your wife through remote? In this way, every husband in the world aspires that his wife should calm down after the fight. In this episode these days one such Video has come to the fore. After seeing this, the desire to get this remote will definitely wake up in your mind.

In the beginning of the video, the husband is seen sitting on the sofa watching TV comfortably. Then his wife comes behind and starts speaking. In such a situation, the husband is not interested in listening to the wife, so he presses the MUTE button of the remote. Due to which his wife’s voice becomes completely muted. After this the husband starts groping the features of the remote. The way people operate movies or serials, in the same way, with the help of this remote, he operates his wife. When he is sure that the wife is being controlled with the remote, then presses the ‘rewind’ button.

watch this video

For your information, let us tell you that this funny video has been shared on Instagram by an account named FunnymanPage. Till the time of writing this news, this video has got more than 10 thousand views. Along with this, funny comments are being made on this video by users.

Commenting on the video, a user wrote, ‘Every person in the world will wish for this remote.’ On the other hand, commenting on the video, another user wrote, ‘What will happen on the day the battery of this remote runs out.’ For your information, let us tell you that no such remote has been made so far, so that husband or wife, anyone can be pacified. This video was just a dream of this person, thinking about which he was getting excited.

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