What is UPI Light, how will it be possible to transfer money without internet, know the answers to all the questions

Soon you will be able to make digital payments without internet. You will also be able to make payments through feature phones. What is this technology and how will the payment be done..Watch the video to know-

payment without internet

Now you will be able to make digital payment even without internet. National Payments Corporation of India ie NPCI (NPCI) Testing this solution. In this you can make UPI based digital payment without internet connection. This technique is named UPI Lite (UPI Light), The biggest benefit of this will be to crores of people in those rural areas of the country, where internet is not able to run properly. Any person can make digital payment through UPI Lite only from feature phone (Digital Payment) Will be able to According to experts, UPI Lite will first be used for payments of less than Rs 200 in rural areas. Let us tell you here that RBI has already allowed digital payments up to Rs 200 without internet connection on January 5.

Let us know how UPI Lite will work. This will work in two ways. First through SIM overlay and second through a software.

SIM overlay is a technique in which the features of the SIM card are enhanced so that payments can be made without internet. This technology will be inserted in the user’s phone through the telecom operator. The user will have to go to the store and get this technology installed in his phone. In this technology, telecom network will be used for payment.

It will happen that the UPI ID will be created through SMS. After the UPI ID is generated, the user will select the name from the contact list, enter the amount and make the payment.

But the person who wants to send money must also have a UPI ID. Along with this, a PIN number will also have to be set. So it’s not that easy. This entire process will be done through SMS network instead of internet.

So now it remains to be seen how long NPCI is able to complete the testing of this solution, so that people can get this facility as soon as possible.

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