What is battery swapping policy and will you benefit from it, increase your knowledge, here you will get every information

Battery swapping is considered a time-saving step. At the same time, it takes up less space than the old battery charging infrastructure. That’s why the Indian government is finalizing a nationwide battery-swapping policy. But will you really benefit from a battery swapping policy?

Battery Swapping Station

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Battery swapping policy will be introduced to bring equality in the direction of electric vehicle charging. A nationwide policy for electric two-wheelers and three-wheelers may be finalized very soon. Indian electric vehicle The battery swapping policy is being considered as an effective step for the K ecosystem. At present, electric vehicle charging stations are present only in select places in the country. But after the new policy comes, battery swapping stations will be set up at various places. Will you also benefit after this policy is implemented?

Battery swapping policy?

The Government of India will bring a battery swapping policy for three things related to electric vehicle charging. By adopting battery swapping technology, charging will save time, take up less space and be less expensive. However, every swappable battery must be actively used. Battery swapping is also better for business. This policy also recognizes the battery as a service model.

Safety will be taken care of

As per the battery swapping policy draft, the batteries will be more secure than the existing batteries. The draft policy states that traction battery packs will be tested for safety and certified as per AIS 156 (2020) and AIS 038 Rev 2 (2020) standards. The policy states that the swappable battery will have to be equipped with advanced features like IoT-based battery monitoring system, remote monitoring and immobilization capabilities.

How will the battery be?

According to the upcoming battery swapping policy, it has been made mandatory that the weight of 1 kWh capacity battery should not exceed 10 kg. This will make it much easier for people to handle the battery. At the same time, the tension of the delivery people will also be removed, who use electric vehicles the most. Apart from this, the shape of the battery cell should be cylindrical.

Is everyone happy?

The draft policy of battery swapping has been welcomed by all sections of the electric vehicle industry. But still some battery developers and electric scooter manufacturers are against standardization through battery swapping. They are afraid that the innovation which is growing rapidly, it may slow down the swapping policy. You can decide whether this policy is in your best interest or not.

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