What Does Your Perfect Writer Must Be Like?

Whether you are looking for a freelance writer or would like to hire someone for a whole educational term, they must have some special characteristics. You simply cannot go around hooking up with someone with mediocre subject knowledge and who lacks a basic understanding of writing an assignment. But how do you know what does your perfect writer must be like? Let’s figure it out together

1- Narrow down your choice

When you have finally made up your mind that you will hand over your assignment/project to someone, the first thing you should do is narrow down your options. You will find plenty of writers in the market, with each having some kind of a specialty in one area or another. While one writer has a good enough command over Maths, they may not be appropriate for an English assignment.

So it’s in your best interests to specify what your topic/niche is and what area you wish to cover within this niche. This may filter out many writers and leaves you with limited options for only those who can cater to your needs.

2- Examine writing skills

Okay, so by now, you must have picked up at least 2-3 writers to give a green signal to. Your next move should be to examine their writing skills critically. You will need a few samples from them to evaluate what kind of work they can deliver in your given timeline.

Go through all of the work with a critical lens to see which writer has the best ability to go in-depth and write critically. The more critical your assignment is, the better grade you get. So, when you’ve made up your mind, tell that specific one that you have to “write my paper.”

3- More sugar, sweeter

The final step is to negotiate on the price your writer should take for writing your assignment. We’d recommend you pay a fair amount if you are satisfied with the writer’s writing skills and industry knowledge. Since this assignment will have a great impact on your final grade, it is only wise to not hesitate to pay the amount your writer deserves.

4- Keep yourself in the loop

While your writer is writing your assignment, make sure you keep him in the loop. Meaning, stay connected and keep talking to him about the progress they have made so far. This will not only send a message that you are keen about your assignment and you care about it. But you will also be able to proofread your work simultaneously and keep fixing the problems you think the work has.

One of the reasons many people end up in a mess in such a thing is because they show careless behavior and do not ask for drafts. And in the end, they are disappointed with the quality of work delivered by the writer. The cherry on top is, the money and time also go down the drains.


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