What are the top mobile casino games

India’s mobile gaming sector is one of the largest in the world, with over 201 million people in the country estimated to play mobile games regularly. On top of this, there are close to 6000 Indian publishers of mobile games on the Google Play Store, as well as hundreds of dedicated companies producing leading mobile games in India.

As such, the market for mobile games is an incredibly competitive one, with both home-grown and international game developers jostling for attention among an audience of hundreds of millions. Read this round-up of the most popular mobile games in India in 2020 to find out what the current stay of play is in the market.


PUBG Mobile

This should come as no surprise, given the extensive coverage from international news outlets on the immense popularity of PUBG in India. The popular battle royale game has an estimated 175 million downloads in India alone, with the country representing more than half of PUBG’s global market. The popularity of the game has gotten so intense that several local authorities in India have attempted to ban the mobile game outright, attributing it to falling productivity and labeling it a distraction from studies.

Call of Duty Mobile

Despite only landing on the app store in September 2019, Call of Duty: Mobile has already become one of the most popular mobile titles in the country. In the first couple of months following the release of the game, there were over 17.5 million downloads of it in India, more than almost any other country. The free-for-all combat game is also the source of countless Indian live-streams on platforms such as Twitch and YouTube, where eSports pros broadcast their gaming sessions to audiences of tens of millions.


Real-Money Online Card Games

Although not a specific game, one cannot discuss the rise of mobile games in India without looking at the real-money online mobile casino industry, which has exploded in recent years into a 60 billion rupee a year industry that is set to grow by an estimated 400% over the next decade. There are many casino operators that are providing popular mobile card games to Indian players, with the classic French card game Baccarat being one of the most widely played. A glance at the Leovegas baccarat category, which features immersive Livestream baccarat game lounges geared specifically to Indian players, highlights how much this genre of mobile games has grown in recent years.

Coin Master

The Farmville-inspired village-building game Coin Master is the most popular mobile game in the UK, US, and Germany, with these three countries alone representing 85% of the game’s $508 million in revenue. However, Indian gamers are fast-catching up, with millions of downloads taking place within the country this year. In June 2020 alone, an estimated three million downloads of the game were recorded in India, suggesting that it is well on track to become one of the most popular mobile games in the country before long.

These are some of the most popular mobile games in India right now. Naturally, as time moves forward and new mobile games are released it is likely that this list will change dramatically in the months ahead. Watch this space to find out more.

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