What are the most important things you should know about the area of a triangle?

Almost half of the world that selects arts as a carrier by running away from mathematics believes that mathematics is the toughest and boring subject. You see in our life we came across so many things where we required the basic knowledge of mathematics. Maybe you need to find out how can you save money by adjusting your budget, you need to make a toy for someone, you have to fix some small furniture of your house by taking some measurements and many more. All of these things require a basic as well as an intermediate level of understanding of mathematics subject. So even if you thought you can easily run away from mathematics by selecting some other subject but you have to study mathematics at least in school years. That’s why you can’t run away from mathematics. You must have learned to find an area of a triangle using a simple formula that you can use while making a toy with the shape of a triangle.

As you are going to learn more about the triangle before that, let’s first understand the importance of mathematics. Almost everyone likes sports right from kids to older people everyone enjoys playing and watching sports. You must have seen basketball ground, football ground and cricket ground contains shapes rectangles, circle, and square shapes respectively. Sports also use angles. In construction, mathematics is important as it uses angles, length, height, and shapes. These are just a few examples of how mathematics is used in the real world. Mathematics is everywhere you just need a mind to see it. Also when you divide pizza among your kids you use fractions and your children learn from you. Let’s see some important things that you should know about the triangle:

  • All triangles contain different properties and hence different formulas are used for their areas and perimeter.
  • As you know sides of the scalene triangle measure different in length. To find its area you can use different formulas.
  • When the base, height of this triangle are given then you can easily calculate its area by using the formula multiplication of half, height, and base.
  • If the measurement of sides of this triangle is provided then firstly calculate the perimeter of the triangle. This can be found by multiplying half and addition of measures of three sides of a triangle. For area you have to calculate the square root of the term that includes multiplication of s and subtraction of each side from the term s. Where is the perimeter?
  • Always remember the unit of area of any triangle is square units. You can similarly calculate the area of another triangle other than the scalene triangle by applying the respective formula for that particular triangle.
  • Most of the time you will get problems where they will give you some other objects like cone or cylinder and they will ask for the area of a triangle. At this time you have to observe the diagram and you have to understand the question first then find out the given part. After this, you can easily calculate its area if the measurement of sides or height is provided to you.

Now you must have understood how easy mathematics is if you study it by considering real-life examples, how you can make it interesting by understanding important things about the particular topic of mathematics? You can understand mathematics more practically if you study it from Cuemath. Now you must have understood similarly by imagining shapes in your mind you can also find the solutions to the problems such as area of a triangle with 3 sides. So now don’t make your mathematics learning complicated connect them with your real-life examples. Make the mathematics subject interesting for your kids. Don’t let your kid think that mathematics is the most boring and complicated subject. Teach them mathematics concept-wise so that they can enjoy mathematics with the help of their best friend- Cuemath


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