Pakistan threatening nuclear war is now offering talks with India. Pakistan is sitting on knees in front of India. Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood has now said that his country is ready to negotiate a treaty with India. Such news is coming out in Pakistani media. Significantly, after the separation of the international world from the Kashmir issue and the repression of many countries, including the United States, Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Khurshi proposed a conditional dialogue with India.

Khureshi has said that Pakistan has never refused to return to peace. We suggest negotiating again, we have no problem with the conversation. The foreign minister’s statement came at a time when the Pakistani president and Prime Minister were giving war to India. Even Imran Khan declared the situation of war. Pakistan has been torn apart by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s relentless diplomacy. Despite all the trials, Pakistan has been unable to get the support of the world community regarding Jammu and Kashmir.

Tried to stay in favor of Pakistan, China held an informal meeting at the UN Security Council for Pakistan. And discussed the Kashmir issue, but it did not yield any results. Subsequently, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has been seen threatening India constantly for war and nuclear war. Earlier in the day, he had threatened nuclear war. Pakistan has done missile tests to intimidate India. However, today Pakistan has beaten India in front of India. Pakistan wants to hold talks with India

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