Want to keep the car as clean as a brand new one, then keep these 4 accessories in the car

How To Clean Car: Today we are going to tell you about some five such accessories, with the help of which you can keep a car worth lakhs clean.

Keep a car worth lakhs clean like this.

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Aug 14, 2022 | 7:25 am

There are many cars available in the Indian automobile market, which fall in different price segments. Any person takes a car for himself with a lot of thought. People also spend lakhs of rupees for this. But many times people’s car becomes very dirty due to ignoring some minor things. That’s why today we are going to tell you about some five such accessories, with the help of which you can keep the car worth lakhs clean.

  1. Keep the mini dustbin in the car: To keep the car clean, it is necessary to keep a small dustbin in the car, by doing this you can keep the dirt in the car inside it. However, nothing should be thrown on the road. The car can be bought from the local market, Amazon and Flipkart under the name Dustbin.
  2. How to remove car stains: You can use a stain remover to remove the stain on the car dashboard or AC vents. Or else a special brush will have to be used to remove these stains.
  3. Hooks can be used in the car: In the car, we often put some stuff on the seats etc., due to which many times there are marks on the car. But you can use hooks etc. in the car, in which you can keep luggage etc.
  4. Use Trunk Organizer: There are many times luggage lying in the boot space of the car, due to which the car looks dirty and luggage is also not available. That’s why you can keep the trunk organizer in your car. You can buy it from online and offline market.

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