Virat Kohli got advice from Pakistan to change batting technique, veteran player told two over formula!

Former Pakistan captain and veteran bowler Wasim Akram advised Virat Kohli to use different batting techniques in the first two overs, know what he said?

Will Virat Kohli change his batting technique?

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Virat Kohli The bat has been silent for a long time. More than 2 years have passed and Virat Kohli (Virat Kohli) No international century came from the bat. The big thing is that even in the home series against West Indies and Sri Lanka, Kohli’s bat remained silent and now even in IPL 2022, Virat Kohli is looking somewhat uncomfortable. Pakistan captain Wasim Akram to Kohli going through bad times (Wasim Akram) Has advised to change the batting stance. Wasim Akram said during a conversation on a YouTube channel that Virat Kohli had a slightly different batting technique in the first two overs. (Virat Kohli Batting Technique) should be used. However, Wasim Akram has asked Virat Kohli to change the batting technique for only the first two overs.

During a conversation on VUSport YouTube channel, Wasim Akram said, ‘I think Virat Kohli should stand with an open stance in the beginning. In the first few overs, he should face the ball coming in properly so that the ball does not hit his pads. After that he can play with straight stance. I think Virat Kohli should stand like this against left-arm bowlers. If Virat Kohli gets the first few overs on the wicket, then it will be impossible to stop him.

Virat Kohli’s bat is silent

Let us tell you that Virat Kohli has not been able to score an international century for two and a half years, although his bat used to score half-centuries. But in the last two series, this has also stopped happening. In the ODI series against West Indies, Virat Kohli could only score 26 runs in 3 matches. In the T20 series, Kohli’s bat definitely got a half-century. Even in the Test series against Sri Lanka, Kohli’s bat did not work. Kohli scored only 81 runs in three innings of 2 Tests and he yearned to score a half-century. In this series, Virat Kohli was harassed by left-arm spinner Jayavikrama.

Virat has made changes in batting before

Virat Kohli has received advice on changing batting technique in the past as well. After failing on the tour of England in 2014, Virat Kohli shuffled the batting technique and after that this player had scored runs. Virat Kohli is once again facing failure and one change may bring his form back.

IPL 2022: Failed for 2 years, left out of the team, started commenting, now suddenly became a big match winner!

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