Viral: Without caring about their lives, people saved the life of a cow that fell in the ditch, watching the video, people said this is humanity

people saved cow’s life

Image Credit source: Twitter

These days the video of some people is covered on social media. In which all of them together are engaged in saving the life of the cow in the ditch. Seeing his efforts, users are praising him openly.

In the world of social media, millions of videos go viral every hour. After seeing those, many times where we laugh, there are many times we are surprised. Apart from this, many times cute and adorable videos also come out here, so many videos touch the heart. In the recent past, we got to see a similar video. After seeing which you will also understand that no matter how bad the world becomes, but there are some people. In whom humanity has survived due to the rites given by their parents.

In the video, a group of people risked their lives to save a cow from the top of the mountain. Here people together made this rescue work successful. Here the rescuers stood in a line and by throwing a rope the cow pulled the cow up and saved her life. The Twitter user who posted the video is telling it to be from Panvel in Maharashtra, although it could not be confirmed till the time of writing the news. When the video went viral, people praised his courage fiercely.

watch video here

In the video going viral, you can see that a group of people are trying to pull the cow that fell down from the mountain. During this, they are praying to God for strength to give energy to each other. Looking at the situation, it can be guessed that if he had made a slight mistake here, he would have lost his life along with the cow.

This video has been shared on Reddit by an account named r/HumansBeingBros. This video has got 16 thousand upvotes for writing the news. Apart from this, many more people have given their feedback by commenting on this. Commenting on the video, a user wrote, ‘Really seeing such people understands that humanity is still alive.’ On the other hand, after watching the video, another user wrote, ‘Really the way these people saved the lives of the voiceless is worthy of praise.’ Apart from this, many other users have given their process on this.

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