Viral Videos: A person saved from being a victim of a shark, all the swimming goes out in a jiffy…Watch 10 such viral videos

Nowadays, a very shocking video related to sharks is going viral on social media, seeing which you may also hold your breath. It is seen in this video that a person is swimming in the sea, when suddenly a shark comes under his feet.

Man saved while hunting for shark

Image Credit source: Twitter

If on earth like a lion, a tiger dangerous animals If so, there are some such dangerous creatures in the ocean too, which can kill humans in an instant. These include giant creatures like sharks and whales. Although whales do not usually attack humans, but sharks are among those creatures that attack humans as soon as they see them. Well science says that Shark They are afraid of humans, but the news of their attacks is often seen and heard, which is quite surprising. That is why it is advised to stay away from them. There is a very surprising thing related to sharks on social media nowadays. video viral It is happening, seeing which you may also get stuck in your breath.

Actually, in this video a person is swimming in the sea, when suddenly a shark comes under his feet, which he does not know, but the woman standing in front tells him that a shark has come near him. After this, the condition of the person only gets worse. He starts screaming loudly in fear and tries to get out of the water. Although the shark does not do anything to her, rather she goes out of her way comfortably, but the way the news of shark attack on humans is heard, in such a situation, anyone will feel scared. This video of just 11 seconds has got more than 1 crore 49 lakh views so far.

See how the shark took away the life of the person…

You have seen the video of the shark, now let’s have a look at some more such videos, which are becoming very viral on social media and people are also liking it.

Hey baba re… this cat is also very fast in seeing mobile

Seeing such a beautiful view, then anyone should feel like going there.

You have never seen such a beautiful art painting in your life.

It seems that this person has come to the gym for the first time…

This person is not afraid of dying, anyone will scream after watching the video!

In earlier times, there used to be such lamps, have you ever seen?

Such a terrible blast… what happened after all?

Baap re… such a terrible accident, the driver must have left.

This stunt would have taken my life, brother…

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