Viral Video: When two people started fighting on the middle of the road, boxing happened a lot, but people were surprised to see ‘Happy Ending’

Have you ever seen such a fight?

Image Credit source: Twitter

This shocking video has been shared on the social media platform Twitter with the ID name @TansuYegen and the caption reads, ‘Happy fight’.

Sometimes such videos become viral on social media, which surprises people. ever road accidents (Road AccidentsVideos related to ) sometimes fighting videos. Sometimes people even unnecessarily get entangled with each other and start fighting. Such videos are quite surprising, but nowadays such a video is becoming viral on social media, which will not only surprise you, but will also confuse you. Usually you must have seen that when two people are fighting with each other, they keep fighting until a third person comes to rescue them, or when they are completely tired, then they separate. but this viral video ,Viral Video) There is a different view to be seen, which will surely make you think.

In the video you can see that two people are fighting on the middle of the road. There are many cars parked around them, but no one is coming to rescue them. In this fight, only one person seems to be heavy. He beats the other person to the fullest. Then grabs his neck. After this it is not known what happens that both of them suddenly stop fighting and start picking up their belongings scattered on the road. After this, both join hands with each other and go their separate ways. Now why this fight was happening and why he suddenly stopped fighting, there is no information about it, but the way he was fighting and then suddenly ended the fight, it was quite a shocking sight.

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This shocking video on the social media platform Instagram (Shocking Video) has been shared with the ID name @TansuYegen and the caption reads, ‘Happy fight’. This video of just 29 seconds has been viewed 6.4 million i.e. 64 lakh times so far, while thousands of people have also liked the video and made various comments. After watching this video, users are laughing and laughing.

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