Viral Video: The public of the internet was shocked to see the person doing gym like this, people said – this is crazy

People are furious after seeing this video of gym

Image Credit source: Twitter

These days a video of a person doing gym on social media has become a topic of discussion among the people (Exercise Viral Video). Actually, Banda adopts such a method to do chinups, seeing which the public of the Internet is not only surprised, but also furious.

Everyone wants that his body is also fit (Fitness) and stay healthy. For this some people gym (Gym) go and sweat profusely. Some of these people follow the rules of exercise well, while there are some who try to draw the attention of others by exercising in a strange way. One such thing on social media these days Video discussion among people (Exercise Viral Video) remains the subject. In which a person adopts such a method to do chinups, seeing which the public of the Internet is not only surprised, but also furious. Some have termed the fellow as eccentric, while some are saying that it is because of such people that the demand for a separate gym for women arises.

In the video going viral, a man is seen doing chinups in the gym. But you will also be stunned to see the method he has adopted for this. The fellow has tied the bench in the waist to do chinups with weight. You can see that he is not looking like a normal guy. In the video, the person’s aggression is clearly visible during the gym. This video is going viral very fast, but most of the public did not like the way the person exercises. So let’s watch this video.

Watch the video of the man doing the gym here

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A video of a person doing strange exercises has been shared on micro-blogging site Twitter with the handle @PullerRude. The user wrote in the caption, ‘Hey brother, was it necessary to do like this?’ This 8-second video is creating panic on social media. This video uploaded a day ago has been viewed more than 21 lakh times. At the same time, more than 9 thousand people have registered their feedback on this. Out of which most of the people are furious after seeing this person’s way of exercising and are telling him a lot.

After watching the video, a user commented asking, ‘Which gym allows this kind of nonsense?’ At the same time, another user has written, describing the fellow as eccentric, ‘Because of such eccentricities, people do not want to go to the gym.’ Another user says that this is the reason why there should be a separate gym for women. Most of the users are getting angry on the actions of the person.

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