Viral Video: The man was posing with a black dragon wrapped around his neck, then seeing something like this happened, the heartbeat would increase!

The boy was posing with the snake, see what happened then

Image Credit source: Instagram

Man Posing With Python: In the video, a man can be seen wrapping a black python around his neck while posing for a photograph. The snake looks very big and terrible. After watching this video, some people are surprised, while some people are enjoying the person’s action.

Python is not only a heavy and powerful snake, but its length is also the highest compared to other snakes. However, whether the snake is small or giant in appearance, if it is seen in front, then anyone’s air can be tight. These days, such a video of python is going viral on social media, after watching which one’s heartbeat can increase. Actually, in the viral video, a person was photographed in black. Python (Black Python) can be seen wrapped around his neck. You can see how huge and terrifying the snake looks. After watching this video, some people are surprised, while some people are enjoying the person’s action.

In the video going viral on social media, you can see that a man has wrapped a giant black python around his neck. This person wants to have his photo taken with the python. As you can see the guy is very nervous, but still he is trying to pose for the photographer. For some time everything goes well. But after a while the python starts moving. You can see that as soon as the python reaches near the person’s face, the air becomes tight. The kind of expressions he gives after this is worth watching. Seeing the snake very close to the face, the man gets nervous and immediately turns his face back. So let’s watch this video first.

In the video, see how the snake tightened the air of the fellow

This video has been shared on the social media platform Instagram on a page named snakes.mania. The user wrote in the caption, ‘Tag those who want to see this.’ So far 22 thousand people have liked this video uploaded on April 27. This number is continuously increasing. After watching this video, now people are enjoying this boy fiercely. Most people have had fun reacting in a funny way.

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A user has commented while enjoying the fellow, ‘I love to get tickled on the face with the tongue of snakes.’ At the same time, another user has also commented while pulling, ‘Koi Bhai Darr To Nahi Lagga’. Another user commented and wrote, ‘The snake is telling the boy – I want to kiss you.’ Overall, this video is being liked a lot by the people and they are enjoying it a lot.

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