Viral video: The eagle hunted the fish by entering the water, but all the hard work wasted due to one mistake

A video is becoming increasingly viral on social media, in which an eagle enters the sea and hunts fish. The eagle pulls the fish out of the water on its feet, but all his hard work is wasted due to a small mistake.

shocking video of eagle

hawk hundreds (Eagle Shocking video) sees his victim from the height of the foot and after that, as soon as he blinks, he also does all his work. Many times these birds sample their strength, not only in the air and land, but by entering the water, they complete their hunting work. But despite this, many times the hunter is defeated and the victim escapes as soon as he gets the slightest chance. In recent times also Video It has come to the fore, after seeing which you will also be stunned.

In the video going viral, you can see that an Osprey (a species of hawk) fights against the waves of the sea and takes out a large fish very easily and with the help of its big fins, it prepares to fly in the air. But during this time his grip becomes a little weak. The fish moves a little and it escapes from the eagle’s grip and falls into the water and the eagle leaves from there without the fish.

watch this video

This video has been shared by an account named Mark Smith Photography. Which has got thousands of views and likes till the time of writing the news. Along with this, users are giving their feedback on the video by commenting.

Users are quite surprised after watching this video. A user commented on the video and wrote, I think the weight of the fish will be too heavy, so the eagle’s grip has weakened a bit. At the same time, a user wrote, ‘Many small mistake in haste ruins all the hard work.’ Another user wrote, ‘The effort was good but today destiny had something else in mind.’ Apart from this, many more people have given their reaction through comments.

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