Viral Video: The dog fell unconscious on the road, then the person saved his life like this, people watching the video said – Salute you from heart

Man saved dog’s life by giving CPR

Image Credit source: Twitter

This heart-touching 34-second video has been shared by IAS officer Avneesh Sharan on Twitter. He wrote, ‘Sometimes even good people with a kind heart are nothing short of a miracle.’

There are two types of human beings in the world. One, those who, seeing others in trouble, turn their backs, and the other, those who see someone in trouble, immediately run for his help. These days a similar video is making a lot of headlines on social media, in which a person is seen helping a dog lying unconscious on the road. watching this video viral (Viral Video) is done. After seeing this, most of the users are saying that humanity is still alive. Actually, in the clip going viral, the man tries to revive the dog by giving him CPR. Whatever happens after this is nothing short of a miracle.

In the video going viral, you can see that an abandoned dog is lying on the road. A man is giving CPR (a medical procedure used in emergency, which can save lives) to save his life, but there is no movement in the dog. But the man continues his efforts. He keeps pressing the dog’s chest continuously with his hands. After giving CPR for some time, the dog suddenly starts moving. After that he gets up and stands up. Due to the efforts of this person, the life of this dog was saved. Now whoever saw this video, he is not tired of praising the man.

Here’s a video of a man giving CPR to a dog

This heart-touching video has been shared by IAS officer Avnish Sharan on Twitter. He wrote in the caption, ‘Sometimes even good people with kind hearts are nothing short of miracles.’ This 34-second video has been viewed more than 2 lakh times so far. More than 14 thousand people have liked this post so far, while more than 1400 people have retweeted it. This number is continuously increasing.

people’s reaction

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Twitter users are continuously giving their feedback after watching the video. People say that miracles happen only when you trust yourself before God.

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