Viral Video: The delivery boy fed the woman begging, people said – ‘Humanity is still alive’

The humanity of the delivery boy won everyone’s heart

Image Credit source: Instagram

This heart touching video has been shared on the social media platform Instagram, which has been viewed more than 9 lakh times so far.

It is easy to be a human being, but it is very difficult to be a human being. To become a human being, it is most important to have kindness, compassion and humanity in you. However, today’s world has become very mean. People are only concerned with their work, people do not even try to understand the pain and suffering of others. It is the duty of a human being to feed the hungry, give water to the thirsty, help people, treat everyone well, these are the hallmarks of humanity. But in today’s time where is all this to be seen. People turn their backs on those who ask for help and go straight out of their way, but nowadays there is a trend on social media. video viral ,Viral Video) is happening, in which people’s heart has been raised after seeing the humanity of a delivery boy.

Actually, a woman was begging outside a restaurant, but the people going to the restaurant did not mean anything to her. He just went to the restaurant, had food and left and went back, but in the meantime a delivery boy came there on his scooty. The woman tried to ask for something from him too, but as soon as he got off the scooty, he went straight inside the restaurant. When he returned, the woman once again extended her hand towards him, on which the delivery boy took pity and he again went inside the restaurant with the same speed and brought something to eat from there and gave it to the woman. Seeing this humanity of a delivery boy, people are saying that ‘Humanity is still alive’.

Watch Video:

This heart touching video has been shared on social media platform Instagram with the name rst_official_05, which has been viewed more than 9 lakh times so far, while more than 1 lakh 74 thousand people have also liked the video. Is. At the same time, people have given different types of reactions after watching the video. One user has written, ‘The heart is big even for poor people’, then another user has written, ‘Only the poor can understand the poor’.

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