Viral Video: The bride made a mistake while dancing and fell on the floor with the groom

In the viral video, the bride and groom are seen performing a dance in front of friends. But the next moment the balance deteriorates and both of them fall on the floor with a bang.

The bride and groom fell while dancing, the video went viral

Often married on social media (Wedding Videos) associated with video viral It keeps happening. Social media users like to watch the content related to the bride and groom with great fervor. It would not be wrong to say that such content is one of the most viewed and liked content on this platform. Sometimes a cute moment of the bride and groom goes viral, and sometimes the dazzling dance of the couple (Bride Groom Dance) Video takes over the Internet world. At present, one such video is becoming quite viral, in which the bride and groom are seen performing dance in front of friends. But the next moment the balance deteriorates and both of them fall on the floor with a bang.

In the viral video, you can see that the bride and groom are dancing with each other, while the family members and friends are cheering on seeing them. The bride is looking very beautiful in a ball gown. But during this time the balance of the bride deteriorates and she starts bending down. When this suddenly happens, the groom is unable to handle her and both of them fall on the dance floor. This video ends here.

See in the video, how the couple fell

By the way, after watching this video, one thing is understood that the bride’s gown was so heavy that she probably loses her balance in the process of handling it and whatever happens after that is in front of you. Meaning, take this video as a message that if you have also carried a heavy dress, then definitely take care of it while dancing.

This video has been shared on Instagram account named wedding.pages. The user has written in the caption, have heard of Falling in Love, but it can neither be blamed on the height of the boy nor the heavy dress of the bride. This video uploaded on 7 January has been viewed 3 lakh 80 thousand times so far. This number is continuously increasing. At the same time, after watching this video, people are also continuously registering their feedback.

One user commented and wrote, ‘This is what is called Fall in love.’ Apart from this, some users have also praised the bride’s gown. At the same time, some people have prayed for the well being of these couples. Apart from this, most users have invited friends to see it by tagging them in their comments.

You have hardly seen such a cat, after seeing the viral video, people said – it is very cool

To avoid the cold, the person adopted a wonderful jugaad, watching VIDEO will make you laugh and laugh

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