Viral Video: Panditji asked the groom a question about the round, then you will be shocked to hear such an answer

A funny video of the wedding is going viral on social media. In which Panditji asked the groom such a question that the condition got worse in answering the groom. People are reacting fiercely to this video.

funny wedding video

Image Credit source: Instagram

There is only one word to say marriage, on which it has been written fiercely in all the texts and books. Some consider it to be ‘laddu’, while some consider it a disaster. Some call it the bond of seven births, while for some, marriage is the union of two souls. Simultaneously in marriage (Marriage Viral VideoEveryone makes plans for fun, but few people understand the customs. Hardly anyone knows or remembers these things. During the wedding, Pandit ji also spends a few hours together with the bride and groom in the mandap. Video of jokes happening in the pavilion these days social media But it is becoming very viral. Which is being liked a lot by the people.

In this way, there are many rituals during marriage which are very enjoyable after watching. One such video related to marriage is becoming increasingly viral on social media. After seeing which you will also laugh. According to the information received in the post of this video, Pandit ji gets up from his place for some reason and goes somewhere, then the fun being done by the bride and groom gets captured in the camera.

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In the video, Pandit ji asks the groom how many words do you remember. In response to which the groom says, ‘I remember all the mantras, after this Panditji again asks the question that if you listen, then please? On the question of Pandit ji, the bridegroom, seeing the time in the clock, says that ‘Muhurta is coming out to go home..! As soon as the video was uploaded, people liked it a lot. Sharing this video, he wrote in the caption, ‘When Panditji asks how many words do you remember?’.

The spot answers by people are very much liked. Many people have also made funny comments on this video. Commenting on a user, wrote, ‘The groom’s style is quite funny.’ Another user wrote, ‘I can’t stop laughing after seeing this.’ Commenting on the video, another user wrote, ‘The groom is in a big hurry to get married.’ Apart from this, many other users have made funny comments on this video. This video has been shared on Instagram by an account named wishnwed. Which has got thousands of views and likes till the time of writing the news.

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