Viral Video: Never seen such a serpent dance before, people said – it seems that today you will agree with Naagmani

A group of bikers performed serpent dance on the middle of the road to the tune of truck horn

Image Credit source: Twitter

Nagin Dance on Truck Horn: A video has created a lot of panic on social media, in which a group of bikers start dancing on the middle road to the tune of the horn of the truck. After seeing this, people are saying that it seems that they will accept it only after taking Naagmani.

Till now you must have seen many people doing different types of Nagin dance on the loud music of DJ in weddings and processions. But have you ever seen people grooving to the tune of truck horns? If you haven’t seen it, then see it now. These days, a similar video has created a lot of panic on social media, in which as soon as a truckman comes out of the highway playing the horn, many boys present there first stop him after hearing his voice. After this, by blowing the horn to his tune naagin dance start doing. This video is reportedly being told from Karnataka. So you also watch this video and enjoy.

This video is only a few seconds, but the public of social media is watching it with great fun. In the beginning of the video, you can see that many boys are passing on the road on the bike and are making a lot of fuss. While a truck is coming behind them. You can see that all the boys park their bikes on the side of the road and start dancing with fun. During this, as soon as the truck comes to them, the boys point to its driver. On this the truck driver starts playing the horn with the serpent’s dance. Then what was there. The boys start dancing the serpent with energy only after stopping the truck on the middle road. In the video, some boys can be seen screaming with joy. At the same time, one of them, crawling on the road like a snake, starts dancing the serpent.

Watch the video of Naagin dance to the tune of truck horn here

people demanded action

This video is being shared fiercely on different platforms of social media. One user has written, it is not necessary that DJ wala babu plays the song every time to dance. When someone’s loud dance comes out, he also starts trembling to the tune of the horn of the truck. However, many people also say that these are the side effects of musical horns. Some people have tagged Union Road and Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari and appealed to take action in the matter. more like this trending news Click to.

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