Viral Video: Mother went to drop the child hanging like this, childhood memories will be refreshed after watching the video

Have you also been taken to school by your mother like this?

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Videos of school children are being seen a lot on social media these days. Actually, in the video, a woman is going to forcefully drop her child to school. But seeing the manner in which she takes the child to school, people remembered her childhood.

school to young children (schoolSending is no less than an adventure for the parents. You must have noticed that some children do high voltage drama in the name of going to school. At the same time, some children move their hands and feet in such a way that no one can forcibly make them sit in the school van. But mother is mother. No matter how much the child makes a fuss, but the mother fails every tantrum in a fun way to get him basic education. Now this video going viral (Kid Viral Video) just look at it. baby when school If he refuses to go, see how his mother takes him to school by hanging him with his arms and legs tied. We are sure that after watching this video you will remember your childhood (School Days) will definitely remember.

In the video that has gone viral, you can see that a woman is taking her child to school by hanging her hands and feet. Many students are together in school uniform to help the woman. During this, the child is shouting loudly that he does not have to go to school. But the woman does not listen to the child and suffocates only after taking him to school.

Watch the video of the child going to school here

This video of just 20 seconds has been shared by IFS doctor Samrat Gowda on his Twitter account. He wrote in the caption, ‘Don’t forget the efforts made by your parents and friends to get you a good education.’ This video, shared a day ago, has been viewed more than 1 lakh times so far. At the same time, more than 8 thousand people have liked the post. While more than 1 thousand people have retweeted.

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Commenting on a user, wrote, ‘Absolutely cannot forget Sirji.’ At the same time, another user says, this was your life and you once again put it in front. Another user commented and wrote, ‘Hi Re Bachpan.’ Overall, after watching this video, everyone is remembering their childhood.

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