Viral Video: Journalist asked- How many months are there in 1 year? Hearing the reply of the school girl, people said – ‘Oxer do didi ko’

This funny video of a school girl will make you laugh and laugh

Image Credit source: Instagram

This funny video has been shared on the social media platform Instagram with the name yadavtweeets, which has been viewed more than 4 million i.e. more than 40 lakh times so far.

Whenever it comes to education and literacy in the country, Kerala’s name comes first, because the literacy rate here is far ahead of the rest of the states. According to the government data of the year 2011, where India’s literacy rate is 74 percent, while in Kerala this rate is more than 93 percent. However, some states are considered to be very poor in terms of studies. The names of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh are also included in this. Many such videos related to the education of these states have come to the fore on social media, in which children do not even know the name of the President and Prime Minister of the country. Now one such on social media video viral ,Viral Video) is happening, in which a schoolgirl does not even know how many months are in the year. When a journalist asked him this question, he would be surprised to hear the answer he gave, and he would be laughing and laughing.

This is the most common information about how many months are there in the year. Even small children must have this information, and especially in schools, children must be told about it, but today’s teachers have also become the same way. Where does she feel like teaching children and as a result of this, the girl does not even know ‘how many months are there in a year’. In the video you can see that a journalist is present inside the class and he asks a girl that ‘Can you tell how many months are in a year’, then the girl replied that ‘4 months’. Now you can guess from this that what would have been taught to the children in that school, where the student does not even know about the total months of the year. Don’t know where this video is from, but seeing this, people are definitely making fun of that girl.

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This funny video on social media platform Instagram (Funny Video) has been shared with the ID named yadavtweeets, which has been viewed more than 4 million i.e. more than 40 lakh times, while more than 2 lakh 98 thousand people have also liked the video. At the same time, people have given different types of reactions after watching the video. One user has written in a funny way, ‘The country is in danger’, then another user has written, ‘Where do these people come from’. Similarly, another user has written, ‘Didi should be given an Oscar’.

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