Viral Video: Horrible video of Doggy’s hit and run goes viral, seeing the public said – Arrest the dog!

dog hit and run case video viral

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In the viral video, the dog can be seen running out of the parking lot and giving a jolt to a fellow crossing the road. After watching this video, internet users are saying – this is a clear Hint and Run case.

Every day some video related to animals is viral on social media.Animal Viral Video) keeps happening. Seeing which many times you are not able to control your laughter. At the same time, there are some videos that you are also surprised to see. tramp on social media these days dogs A similar video related to (Dog Viral Video) is being watched a lot. After watching the video, internet users are saying – this is a clear hint and run case (Hit And Run Case) is. In the video, the dog can be seen leaving the parking lot and running away after giving a strong jolt to a fellow crossing the road. So let’s see this terrible case of dog hit and run.

In the CCTV footage that has gone viral, you can see that a white colored car is parked in the parking lot. After this a man emerges from him, who proceeds to cross the road outside the parking lot. After this he starts crossing the road by looking on both sides of the road. Meanwhile, a dog comes at high speed and runs away, giving a loud blow to the fellow. In the video you can see that after the collision of the dog, the man jumps and falls on the road. For some time he does not understand what happened to him. So let’s watch this video.

Watch dog hit and run video

This video of few seconds is creating panic on social media. This video uploaded a day ago on Instagram has been liked by more than 2 lakh 84 thousand people. This number is continuously increasing. At the same time, after watching the video, people are continuously registering their feedback on it.

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People are giving funny reaction on this video. Commenting on a user, wrote, ‘After this accident, the dog must have told the boy’s ex – you are done, now take out 500.’ At the same time, another user has written while commenting, ‘Who thinks that the dog has not killed intentionally.’ Another user commented and wrote, ‘The biggest hit and run case ever caught on CCTV’. Overall, this video is being liked a lot by the public of the Internet and people are enjoying it a lot.

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