Viral Video: Funny answer of students on lockdown, your mind will be shocked after watching the video

A video of a child has surfaced on the internet, in which a child is seen and he is seen giving funny answers. Now this video is doing the rounds on the internet, along with people are also sharing their reaction.

Funny answer of students on lockdown (Instagram Video Screenshot)

Corona virus once again everywhere (coronavirus) is feared. People are quite in awe about the new variant. Let us tell you that the cases of Omicron are increasing continuously regarding the new variant. Restrictions have been increased in many places to avoid the virus. However, lockdown has been imposed in some places of the country. But there is a lot of speculation about the lockdown in India and the government is not in favor of the lockdown. Now social media regarding corona and lockdownSocial Media) but there are many posts to be seen. now funny videos for kids viral Happening.

Users keep sharing funny memes, videos and jokes one by one. Now a funny video in this episode is going viral. After seeing that you will hardly be able to stop your laughter. Hardly anyone will deny that when the lockdown was imposed in the country for the first time, a lot of funny videos were shared on social media. Videos of many students were also seen.

Viral video of children

Now the video of some students is going viral, hearing the answer of which everyone’s mind is spinning. It can be seen in the video that some students are sitting. Then a student, anchoring, reaches another student and asks what makes you feel that lockdown should be imposed or not? On this the student says that there must be a lockdown. I want to complete the level of Free Fire. Also we need general promotion. At the same time, another student said that I have the same view. I also want general promotion, because I do not feel like reading and writing.

Now everyone is liking this video very much. Together, people are showering a lot of love by scaring their likes on the comments. We are sure that after watching this video people will be laughing and laughing. This video has been shared on the social media platform Instagram. You can watch all the videos on the page ‘bhutni_ke_memes’.

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